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Why I Haven't Been Blogging Much Lately...

I've not been blogging much lately. And I'm sorry about this. A lot has been happening, and I (perhaps) should have been.

But as far as excuses go, I think I have a pretty good one...

I'm human. And thus limited. All of the creative energy I have (and then some, depending on how much caffeine I've had that day) is being given to a new book project. My deadline is the end of the year, and while that does sound like a good amount of time (almost 3 months, Whew!) the reality is that it is approaching much faster than I'd like.

"What's the project?" You might ask.

What I can tell you at this point is that it's a book about spiritual practices, a memoir of spiritual discipline, in fact. I'm really excited about it, though I am finding it challenging to put into words everything I'm hoping to communicate (don't all writers feel this way?)

It is being published by Thomas Nelson, and will be coming out in 2014.

Thanks for your patience with me as I focus on writing this new book. I hope to return to blogging soon!

Grace and Peace.


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Dear Mike.

I was extremely blessed to read your book and discover this website. You are truly blessed to be chosen by the Lord to replicate His life for your generation.

Iam an 82 year old mother of 12 children and I have been a Christian for forty-five years. Four of my sons are in ministry and are also being used by the Lord. I have much I could share with you.May God keep eternity before your eyes as you seek to do His will.

May God keep you and bless you,


Posted: 2014-02-28 17:11:11

Member Since:

A book can change lives?? YES

I 1st read the book 4 years ago. It pulled every string in my heart as a human and a follower of Christ.

It go me off my butt and to start helping people. I started by going UNDER THE OVERPASSES of Phoenix and giving out cold water and pizza. I wanted to do more to help people still. I still wanted to do more.

I ended up moving to Seattle, and started taking course work to become a Drug Counselor. As I was in the school my mind would always come back to the book UTOP. I have now finished school and I work for a downtown Seattle Shelter as a Counselor.

Thanks Mike for helping me find my direction.


Posted: 2014-08-07 15:31:25


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