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Portable Showers for Homeless in Everett, Washington

These are the kind of stories that just make me happy. Frank Fargo, of Everett, Washington, read Under the Overpass a few years ago. After reading it, he began thinking of new ways that he could love on those who were in his local homeless community.

Frank is one of those unique people who thinks outside the box. Realizing that it is often difficult for homeless people to find convenient times or places to shower, Frank used his carpentry skills to create a mobile shower trailer called "Shower to the People." Now nearly 1000 people have had the chance to take a hot shower.

You can read more about Frank's efforts here.

Have you been inspired to do something unique after reading Under the Overpass? Post it the online Bulletin Board and let me know about it!

Grace and Peace.


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Hi I am Frank Fargo and have given out 2100 showers since I started 3 years ago, we also give out socks, t shirts underwear and toiletries. Mike's book inspired me. It changed my life.

Posted: 2011-11-12 23:35:04


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