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Under the Overpass Movie

Well, I've got some very exciting news to announce: Under the Overpass is in the process of being turned into a movie. Pretty astonishing, right? I've been working with Peter Fuhrman of Stairway Media LLC based in Portland, OR, and just last week received the screenplay. I'm about halfway through it, and am quite pleased with the project's trajectory as a whole.

One aspect of a film version of Under the Overpass that I'm stoked on is the obvious ability of film to capture elements of street life that were quite difficult (if not impossible) to portray through the book. Don't get me wrong—I'm not convinced that movies ever will (or should) replace the written word as a medium of meaning. Nevertheless,visual imagery is uniquely powerful, and I do hope that a film version of Under the Overpass will be able to capture some of the raw reality of life on the streets in a way that the book could only begin to hint at. Hopefully even more people will be inspired and challenged through the film to get involved with their local AGRM mission and serve the local men, women and children who live on their city streets.

That being said, in several conversations I've had with other authors as well as the folks at Waterbrook / Multnoma the reality is that very, very few books ever actually make it to the screen. There are so many different moving pieces that all have to fit together perfectly, not to mention that Hollywood is such a fiercely competitive place. Chances are slim...But hey, I'm hopeful.

One thing you, dear reader, could do to help the movie get some legs is join one of two Facebook Groups and then tell your friends about it—the more people who show interest, the more chances there are of this whole thing moving forward. Check out the groups: "Official Under the Overpass Page" as well as "Help the Homeless—And You Could be in a Movie."

On that note: Peter and his team have asked for ideas of ways to help the men and the women on our streets. Post your idea(s) to the Group's wall or the discussion boards, and you'll be entered into a drawing for a chance to act as an extra in Under the Overpass...

More info to follow...

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