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Jan - May 2010 Speaking Schedule

***Note: My Speaking Schedule has been significantly reduced due to full time grad school at Regent College. I will resume speaking full time in 2011. Thanks! ***

January 10, 2010 -- Vancouver, B.C.
Sunday Services @ Tenth Avenue Alliance

April 19, 2010 -- St. Paul, MN
Bethel College

April 20, 2010 -- Siloam Springs, AR
John Brown University

April 21-22, 2010 -- Bourbonnais, IL
Olivet University

May 6, 2010--Seattle Union Gospel Mission
Open Door Legal Services Breakfast

May 7, 2010--Burlington, VT
Burlington Emergency Shelter

May 8, 2010--Gettysburg, PA
Gettysburg Church of the Brethren

May 14, 2010--Longview, TX Highway 80 Rescue Mission

May 16, 2010--Jupiter, FL Generation Church Sunday Service

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Member Since:

Hi Mike,

I just read your book Under the Overpass, I found it very inspiring. The reason I even picked it up was because Westmont is my dream college. I love it so much and I thought it would be cool to read something from someone who went there. :) The question you ask about what would you do for God if you didn't care about any materialistic things, is really getting me to think what I would do. I'm not very sure what I would do actually... Your book has changed my life, I know I need to get involved with the homeless community, I know you said in your book that it doesn't have to be that necessarily, but that's what I believe God wants me to do. God truly inspired you to write this book, it is obvious and I feel so blessed that I got to read it.

Thank you and God Bless,

Alexis Coutsicos, California.

Posted: 2010-04-04 22:42:07


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