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Hello from Vancouver!

Well, it's hard to believe that we've been up here in Vancouver, B.C. for nearly a month. This is our third week of classes at Regent College (www.regent-college.edu) and I'm loving it. It's so refreshing and encouraging to be in a community where most people are asking hard questions about life, our world, and our responsibility as Christians in the midst of it all. No doubt the academic demands are rigorous--I sort of feel like I'm clunking along and not up to speed yet. I have a dictionary open in my browser during most of the lectures!

We are still searching for a church home, but think we have found a great group of people who meet on the East side of Vancouver. We attended last Sunday, and found the community to be real and genuine, exuding welcome to everyone who walked in the door. Immediately after the service there was a large pot-luck meal for which 90% of the church members remained. All told, we were there for about two and a half hours, worshiping, talking, eating, just being together. I don't remember staying at church that long before!

Vancouver is the largest city we've ever lived in, and we're still getting our bearings in terms of trying to figure out how to help and serve. There are some great groups of people scattered around the city doing holistic ministry and life together. It's easy to want to get involved with what everyone is doing, but we are trying to listen to what God has for us in this area.

On a saddening note, we've already heard rumors that the coming of the Olympics this next winter is causing a forced re-location for some of the homeless men and women. I haven't yet had the chance to research this and confirm it, but apparently several people have already been arrested and then transported out of downtown Vancouver to another location in order to help get the city "ready" for the Olympics. Definitely not a good situation if it's true.

Well, that's it for this blog. Thanks for coming to UnderTheOverpass.com, and may you be encouraged as you seek to learn more about loving others and caring for those who are in need.


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Hi Mike. I just finished reading the book. Awesome. I am part of a small church plant in the Houston area. My pastor and some of the guys from our church met some guys panhandling under the overpass of I-10 just before Christmas. I suppose you could loosely call it a mission for us, but at this point it has been primarily spending time talking with them, sharing lunch, coats, etc. Basically helping them as we can. Recently, one of the guys was approached by a marketing group to be the star of a viral marketing campaign. I have very strong feelings about it, but I suppose I'm just too close to it to have any real perspective. It would be really fantastic to get your take on the whole thing, since you bring such a unique perspective. Jeff Hogan is my pastor. His email is jeffh@loveliveserve.org. He would be entirely stoked to hear from you. Thanks again for the book. I'll never pretend people are invisible again!

Posted: 2009-02-28 10:59:24

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Yvonne and I have just finished your book and were really moved by the Lord. Thankful for how the Lord has used your call to go onto the streets and from it really impacted scores of people.

I am going to write an artical for my local paper tonight and I want mention about your efforts and tie it into our call as believers to reach the poor and homeless.I live in Pitt Meadows,a burb of Vancouver,,,a great city but horrible homeless problem.I am glad you came to our city.

Bless ya

Posted: 2009-05-27 00:57:20


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