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Fall 2008 Speaking Schedule

Hey there! Several of you have asked about my speaking schedule. Thanks for your interest in possibly attending one of the events that I'll be at this fall. If you're interested in attending one of the events, please feel free to contact the event sponsor directly about additional information.

November 10
Malone University, Canton, OH www.malone.edu

November 12
Southwest Baptist University Chapel, Bolivar, MO

November 13
Rescue Mission Banquet, Gaffney, SC

Nov 18
City Gospel Mission Banquet, Cincinnati, OH

Nov 21-22
Cascades Presbytery High School Retreat, Canby Grove, OR

Dec 1
George Fox University Chapel, Newburg OR

Dec 6-7 Christ Community Church Services, Schofield, WI 715-241-7335

Hope to see you at an event! Grace and Peace.


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