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Hi there everybody. Thanks for visiting UnderTheOverpass.com. As you can see, there are a lot of people active on the site, with a lot of conversations happening. Please join in! You won't see a lot of responses from me on the site, though, and I'm sorry for that. I don't have enough time in front of a computer to be able to answer all the requests online. However, I WILL answer your question / comment personally via email. I can write an email even when I'm not connected to the internet. It may take me a week or two to get back to you, but this website automatically sends every post it gets to me as an email, and I will respond to you any questions / comments you have addressed directly to me.

Thanks again for coming!

Grace and Peace.


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Hey Mike. I had heard you speak at YC Newfoundland. And was it ever an answered prayer. I am curently the Outreach Director for Lytehouse Youth Ministries at Bethesda Church in St. John's NL. And when i took on this position, i prayed that God would inspire our youth and leaders to want to do more. Were a pretty well off church, and we have a lot of ministries - but i felt we needed to do more practical ministry - more reaching to our surrounding community. After our youth heard about your experiences, they were all very inspired. And now i'm taking that blessing God has given me (and this youth group), by lighting fire in their hearts, and running with it. Our youth group is matching up with our young adults group and we want to reach the homeless, or even the poor. I read your book, and just like you signed in it, every word was a challenge and a blessing. Some points you make on how a Christian should be reacting to the needs of people around them was basically writing out my heart. The outreach team has some big and some small ideas of how to fulfill the needs of people in this city. And i'm pretty excited to see, not only the lives we touch be changed, but the lives of our youth. I know that once they experience the act of giving and reaching out, their lives will not be the same.

I look forward to hearing you speak again in the future. I unfortunately never had a chance to sit down and chat with you. Thanks for sharing in your experience, so that God can use the gift he has given you to inspire many others.

God bless you in your future and the upcoming ministries you partake in.


Posted: 2006-11-10 15:36:00

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hey Mike,
While I was staying at my a friends house I had asked her if she had any good books there I could read. She handed me one called under the overpass. As soon as I realized what it was about I knew I needed to read it.
In the town where I grew up a lot of people looked down on homeless people and it just broke me inside because they too are made in God's image.
As soon as I graduated I moved to a local city in one of the worst areas and lived among the people that I was ministering to. I saw various people living on the street but quite honestly I didn't see many people, even Christians that were willing to help them out. When my landlord learnt that I had invited a homeless women inside her house, filled up her pop bottle with some water and made some food for her she was appauled and told me I shouldn't have done that. I didn't understand because I knew that my landlord was a Christian. I have often felt like I am fighting against Christians on the side of the poor. I know this shouldn't be happening. God wants all his children to reach out to others, including the poor and the homeless. After reading your book I felt very encouraged because I have often felt misunderstood and judged by many Christians. So thank you for your encouragement. Thank-you for seeing the homeless as real people worthy of love. In God's eyes the homeless addict who has accepted him is blameless while the many people that others look up whether it be for wealth, appearnace or whatever else may appeal to them, if they don't know Christ, are condemned.
I wrote this just to thank you, so thanks again!

Posted: 2007-01-07 17:02:00

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Hi Mike
I just read the book. Strong work! I work with unhoused and underhoused and otherwise marginallized persons in Boston MA. When you find yourself in my city, please join us.
Yours in Christ, Lynn Colvin, EM

Posted: 2007-01-27 07:26:00

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Hi Mike, this is Chloe. You came to overlake in Feb. i think for 30hr famine. And when i heard your story i got this little spark inside of me. Then i went and bought your book and i asked you about becoming homeless for myself. you told me cuz i was a girl i would need to have a guy with me. So i gave the book to my friend Titus, cuz he wanted to read it. When he finished he came up to me and was like Chloe we need to do this. And i told him ya we do. But i was wanting your advice on what we need and how we should prepare ourselfs. We are both 16 and plan on doing it eaither next summer or the one after that. Then plan is to go to Portland for 2weeks and then come home. But i want to know what you think we should do, cuz we are only teenagers. Also do you think we should go to more than one city or just stay in Portland longer, or is 2weeks just fine. And in case you are wanting to know, Titus and I want to do this and we both feel God calling us to do this. If you can get back to me as soon as you can. Hope to hear from you, and thank you for writing that book because it changed my life and Titus' life.

Posted: 2007-07-16 03:14:32

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Hi Mike,

My name is Iris and I'm from Vancouver, BC. I've always had a passion for the homeless and poor and there is a homeless man up at the University of British Columbia, where I go to school.

His name is Trev and he is a can collector. I talk to him from time to time and buy him food now and then. Winter is coming and he's telling me he's working hard collecting cans to buy warmer clothes. It really breaks my heart, especially at night when I'm at home, knowing that he is out there wandering around in the cold.

While all the drug abusers and the majority of Vancouver's homeless population is in Downtown Eastside, Trev chose to stay around the UBC campus. He never leaves the campus except to to turn in his cans.

I really want to help. What can I do? I wish that I can give him a place to stay but I'm a student myself and don't have the money to do so.

I gave him a copy of John from the Message today. Pray for him please, Mike. And pray that God will continue to use me and give me wisdom in associating with Trev. My heart really goes out to him.

Please email me back at piggy_muffin@hotmail.com

Looking forward to your email.


Posted: 2007-10-05 05:53:42

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What is your ministry now, what is your speaking schedule, and is there a way to know when you may be speaking in my area?

Posted: 2007-10-17 10:57:20

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Hey, I recently took to homeless 20 yearolds out to dinner. While talking to them they explained how churches had been providing for them. they were homeless by choice, and had been using churches generosity to live, but when I talked to them about Christ they had very little knowledge. while the churches had showed Christs love, these guys needed more(for what good is it to take care of the physical needs, and leave them to go to hell) From your experience, what is the best way to provide for both phyical and spiritual, without bible thumping? thanks

Posted: 2007-10-18 16:18:38

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hello mike! you recently spoke at my university (i actually just came back from your last session with us)...first, let me thank you. i so greatly appreciate the way in which the Spirit enabled you to speak the truth boldly yet with so much grace and humility. i see Jesus in you!

i have couple questions i didn't have the chance to ask while you were here...

the Lord has begun a great work in my heart by unveiling my eyes to see the reality of our responsibility to love and defend and care for the poor as followers of Christ. this great work of grace began a couple years ago for me. since then, i have had many times in which i struggle greatly with pride, justifying myself by my efforts towards social justice, thinking of myself as some sort of exemplary Christian, etc...when this pride is brought to light, it often makes me wonder what is really at the root of why i am working towards social justice. is it to please man or to keep up some reputation i have built for myself as someone who has true concern for the poor? or is it really because i believe God Himself cares deeply for people who are marginalized, and thus, as his servant and follower, i should also be motivated by this love. i guess i would like to know if you or your wife also struggle in the same way. do you ever feel like 'your' compassion for the poor just runs out? (i'm kind of guessing at what your answer might be). what do you do when you feel that way?

also...i was recently in chicago visiting some friends. it seems that there are homeless people on every street corner of that city...whenever i'm there i find myself completely overwhelmed with the need surrounding me and my inability to meet even a small portion of those needs. my friends and i had a few chances to talk to people panhandling on the streets, buy a few meals and a bus ticket. but there were still so many we passed by. so many we didn't choose to stop and talk to because we were on our way somewhere or (fill in the blank). i would appreciate any perspective you have on this...how can we be the hands and feet of Christ to the homeless while inevitably passing some of them by?

thank you in advance for taking the time to reply. i'm not sure if this thing gives you my email address or not, but it's jcdavis@cedarville.edu

thank you so much, my brother.

grace and peace in Jesus our Lord,


Posted: 2007-11-15 23:09:24

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I write for an internet magazine (Infuze Magazine). I have really enjoyed your book and would like to do an interview with you for the magazine. Would you be interested? Thanks- Andy Paschen

Posted: 2007-11-16 01:53:48

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I read your book and am now so encouraged to be a man that lives out my faith rather than just preach it! I know now what "walking the walk" truly means. From you telling your experiences, I have learned to stop looking the other way when a person, who in my eyes is "unsuitable", is in need. My actions should reflect my beliefs and what better way to practice that then to SHOW God's love? Thank you for an eye opener and I hope you're doing well.

Andrew Ambrosio

P.S. We knew each other at Ponderosa...Its amazing to see what you have done with your life!!!

Posted: 2008-01-08 03:54:22

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My mom, Terry Norman, purchased your book out in Iowa while she was visiting my sister. First, I have to tell you that when my mom was buying the book the lady who checked her out said that she had just read it and that it had really changed her life. Your book could not have been placed in my hands at a better time. For the past couple of months I have been questioning whether just believing was enough. Should I or could I be doing more to serve God? Your book was truly inspiring and has given me a new and better perspective on life. And yes, I do realize now that I can definitely be doing more to live the life God intended me to. Thank you very much for sharing your experience with all of us. It is so great to see what some of the people you went to high school with have accomplished. I also wanted to find out if you will be speaking anytime soon out in Colorado? I hope you and your wife are doing very well out in California.

God Bless,

Maggie Runyan

(my maiden name is Norman)

Posted: 2008-01-16 14:06:14

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A group of 5 of us just got back from living with the homeless in San Francisco for 5 days. We could not cross over into feeling like we were homeless because we only spend 5 days out on the street. Our question is: When or did you ever feel like you were really homeless?

Posted: 2008-01-25 15:52:18

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Hey Mike,

I'm a student at Union University in Tennessee (if that sounds familiar, it may be because we are the college that was hit by the EF-4 tornado Feb. 5, so many have heard our story in the news and such) and hoping to get an internship at the Denver Rescue Mission this summer.

Your book has been incredibly influential and I share various parts of it often. There are also certain ideas you share in it that have played a big part in how God has been directing me over the past year or so.

Soon I will be giving a big presentation for my social welfare class about the impact your experience has had. I understand that you are probably unbelievably busy, but if by any chance it is possible that I could do a brief phone interview, that would be amazing. If you have a chance to let me know, that would be great. If not, I understand.



Posted: 2008-03-22 15:29:54

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Hi Mike, thanks so much for putting into words your journey of faith. The book is an experience I want soon forget. As a pastor I drawn a lot of illustrations from your work. We are currently involved in "Signs of Life" your work has fit well with this and has opened my eyes to be able to see things a lot differently when I see a homeless person. I have sent in a request to have you spek at ayouth event in August or October.

Hope that all works out.

God Bless you and Sam

Jeff Roberts

Posted: 2008-04-07 18:05:50

Member Since:

Hey Mike,

I heard you speak at YC 2006 in Newfoundland and I read you book. I know YC was a long time ago but you were one of my favorite speaker there and I cant get you off my mind. I didnt get to meet you but my dad did. I wish I could have met you maybe I will some day. Are you ever going to come to Newfoundland again?

Any ways when ever I read the end of your book I cry [and other parts]. I want to help homeless people so badly [ever since I was a little girl] but I dont live in a place were there is homeless people.

You were an amazing speaker. Im not sure if it was you but you played a song that I like and I forget the name.

There was a fue questins I want to ask you and if its not to much trouble can you answer them....What was it like to be living on the streets? Is there any stories that you didnt say in your book? Did you ever meet or see someone you meet on the streets agian? How is Sam? How are you doing?What have you been up to?

Rebecca Trevors

Posted: 2008-05-22 17:31:53


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