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AGRM Great Thanksgiving Banquet

I'm stoked on this: The kind people at the Association of Gospel Rescue Missions (www.agrm.org) have asked me to serve this year as the 2007 National Chairman of the Great Thanksgiving Banquet. Every year the Great Thanksgiving Banquet is an opportunity for the AGRM to highlight the work that their member Missions are doing across the country.

The Rescue Missions are a large piece within the rope which literally keeps our nation's poorest people from falling completely through the cracks. For many, Missions are a first step out of rock bottom. Last year alone, Rescue Missions served 35 million meals, offered 13 million nights of lodging, and touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of men and women in the name of Christ.

The tremendous opportunity I've been given is to be a voice on behalf of the Missions and their work. Thanksgiving week there will be several national media interviews in New York City. These will be TV, Radio and Print. The whole reason for this is to generate awareness about the plight of the American Homeless, and to encourage people around the country to learn more about what the local Rescue Mission is doing in their city.

The effects of the Great Thanksgiving Banquet are pretty impressive. Last year during the holiday season, more than 500,000 traditional thanksgiving meals (that means turkey, mashed potatoes, and of course, pumpkin pie) were served to homeless men and women. Increased awareness meant increased donations which enabled more beds to be occupied indoors rather than in the snow. Thousands of people who heard about volunteer opportunities contacted their local missions and got involved either by serving a meal or by becoming a mentor for a recovering drug or alcohol addict.

Thus, I ask for your prayers as November 20 & 21 draw closer. Pray that the Lord opens doors for strong media coverage, and for a message that resonates in the hearts of the people who see it, hear it, or read it. Pray that millions of lives would be impacted by the Active Love of Christ and that Christ would be glorified by all that is done!

Grace and Peace.


P.S. I'll keep you all updated on through this website as more information becomes available.

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Hey.... this THING is huge! I will keep the Thanksgiving prayers rolling... I hope that even though you haven't journaled since August... I hope that you are still encouraged and "stoked on this". Good stuff...

But, if the things of life ARE bogging you down at this moment, brother... be uplifted... let Him carry your pack! Cuz He says His yoke is easy and His burden light.

And if none of this is relevent... trash it! I just say have a blast with those you laid your head next to for five months. I'm really excited for you and for what God is doing through your ministry. You've encouraged so many of us to jump off the cliff with Him. Imagine, just imagine the smiling, beautiful faces of the children of the King that you either directly or indirectly touched... imagine seeing them in Heaven blessing the Name of our Savior... eager to see you... with gratitude unending for your obedience to Him whose very name is Faithful. Because they saw Jesus in you... amazing isn't it?

We will beam together! And were rich already!

Posted: 2006-10-15 22:18:00


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