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Ok, 2+ months. 1/6 of a year. It's been quite a long time since I've written. I'm sorry about that, especially to those of you who check UndertheOverpass.com frequently to see what's going on.

I am excited to report that Danae and I have finally settled down into our apartment in Santa Barbara. It was quite an arduous process hauling everything from Sisters down here, getting moved in, getting the apartment set up, Danae starting school etc. But we've finally figured out the routine and are getting used to the daily happenings.

The wedding was incredible, and far exceeded both of our hopes and dreams. We were able to celebrate with close to 300 of our dearest family members and friends. Truly, the Lord gave us more than we deserved to celebrate our union. Yesterday was our one month, one week, and one day anniversary. It's always fun to celebrate the simple things!

Last week I had the honor of traveling to Lexington Kentucky to be a part of the Lexington Rescue Mission's First Annual Banquet (check out www.lexingtonrescue.org) This mission has only been in existence for 5 years, but to see how the Lord is using their presence in Lexington to bless the lives of the homeless and the substance-addicted is incredible. More than 300 people attended the banquet, with support and awareness garnered by stories of lives changed through Christ's presence at the mission.

This fall I will be traveling and speaking about the journey Sam and I had through the Streets of America. I'm really excited to be joining with a lot of Rescue Missions across the country and being a voice for their cause. It's going to be interesting and challenging to visit several of these missions and see the different methods and programs they employ. In addition, I will be visiting several college campuses and encouraging men and women of faith there to live life out loud!

Stay posted and keep checking up on UnderTheOverpass.com. Now that life has settled a bit, I will be making a point of writing more frequently. Also, please post comments / thoughts / questions. I have been working through the messages and returning my own thoughts via email, so write away!

My hope and prayer now and always is that the Lord would continue to use the story of our time Under the Overpass to draw people closer to Himself, and to encourage the body of Christ to LIVE like the body of Christ. We are His representatives here on this earth, and we therefore have a responsibility to love others as He has loved us.

Grace and Peace!


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Congratulations. I pray that the two of you will balance your time, school and ministry so that the two of you are of the utmost importance. (sound like a marriage counselor).... I am a counselor. I am also an instructor at Biblical Theological Seminary in Pennsylvania. I read your book this summer. Learned, prayed and applied many of the principles you suggested. I was touched and saddened at how the "church" treats our homeless and down-trodden. I decided to have all of my intern students read your book and then participate in several outreach services in our community. Mike (and Sam) Thank you for your courage and willingness to put in print hard facts that the "church" needs to know.
Danae- I can not begin to imagine how hard those 5 months must have been for you too. Looks like God has blessed your patience and willingness to stand by your man.
May the two of you be blessed as you begin your new life together. Thanks again for your time, energy, prayer and courage,
In His Peace,

Posted: 2005-09-22 11:27:00

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Hey Mike,
I commented on the builliton board...(that's not spelled right at 11:30pm) but anyway.... yeah my friend Ian works at the Lexington rescue mission... he said it was great to meet you, i would imagine it would be...i have never picked up a book and just read 185 pages before... if youre ever in vermont look me up, i'll buy you a burrito ;)

God bless you!

Posted: 2005-09-23 22:35:00

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Having worked with the homeless for over three years now, i do not think that we yet fully comprehend the depth of the homeless plight. Many become homeless by poor decisions and then are swallowed by the enemy's traps. They become bound even worse than before. The providing of shelters and some food does not begin to address their needs. Often it takes months to gain their trust. Trust is key. Lost identity, health and legal issues are rampant along with a litany of addictions either inherent or acquired by life under the bridges. It is going to take the willingness of our Christian leaders to put GODS resources where it is most needed. Instead of building bigger mega churches we need to take care of the widows orphans and the poor. It is a monumental task only in that we must consider others before ourselves. The true prosperity of God is being hoarded by thousands of so called men of God for their own glory and power rather than being distributed to the needs of those who are truly lost. My prayer is that we will not have to be reminded again and again of our neglect of Gods purposes. I pray that we submit to the hand of GOD and begin to do his will not ours. The commercialism of the gospel has turned aside many a lost soul. We need to stand and demand from our leaders that we begin to take action. It will only work when we actually begin to take personal interest in these lost souls. Churches must open their doors and homes to them. They need to see the LOVE of GOD not clinical solutions but GODLY answers. There is much sacrifice in tending to their needs and the questionis are we willing?

Posted: 2005-12-10 09:39:00


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