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I hope that you are all having a stellar week. Things are getting crazy around here in central Oregon. It is just 2 months before Danae's and my wedding, and there are, of course, many things that we've yet to do. Fortunately Danae's mom is just about the most organized person that I've ever met, and she's pretty much got things under control. Its just that I haven't yet finished the things that she's asked me to do. Oops!

Ryan Dobson, the author and speaker who wrote the forward for Under the Overpass is actually getting married this weekend. It seems that love is in the air. Pray the Lord's blessings upon he and his new wife!

I continue to be absolutely amazed by the impact the Lord is having through Under the Overpass. Just this week I received an email about a man in Los Angeles, who, after having read Under the Overpass, felt led to go to his local church and finding another person, they made 700 sack lunches and took them downtown to hand out to homeless men and women. My eyes literally welled up with tears when I heard that story, because for some reason the Lord is choosing to move through this book and change lives.

The thing that is so astounding to me is that Sam and I simply did what God asked us to do. Imagine if we had chosen to not step out in faith and follow after the Lord!! Somehow, not because of us but rather through the will of our Lord being worked out, 700 people ate lunch in downtown Los Angeles because we stepped out in faith. You see, that's how big our God is. It's not that we're able, it's not that we're anything special, it's not that we have any idea what we're doing, but rather that in following His call, He is able to accomplish what He wants to. Who am I, and who is Sam to have said no to the Lord and thus perhaps actually kept Him from feeding those 700 people in downtown Los Angeles? We must all be careful that by not trusting Him we do not inhibit what He wants to do.

How is the Lord calling you to step out in faith? What does He want to accomplish in your life? What are ways in which you hold back from following His call, and how will you work to follow Him more passionately and unreservedly?

I think that we all should be consistently asking ourselves questions such as these, wondering if we're following after the Lord both in word and in deed, seeking and yearning to follow Him more closely, no matter where He may choose to lead us.

This life I live I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me. (Galatians 2:20)

Grace and Peace!


P.S. Hey, if you have a story about how the Lord has used Under the Overpass to impact your walk, please, post it in the Discussion Board. The testimony of the Lord's work in our lives is a very powerful thing, and we built this site to help you share that! PROCLAIM LOUDLY!!!

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Mike I just want to say thank you for writing the book. I met you at the Denver Rescue Mission. I was one of the sponsors that came with the group from St. Louis. While I was there, I shared with you my calling to minister to the souls of homeless people. After reading your book, God has renewed my calling and taught me many things that I would have never known. I am currently a leader of a street ministry called Lampstand that provides food and clothing to the homeless. I am also going to St. Louis Christian College to get a BS in urban and intercultural ministry; I have one more year. I have an internship at St. Patrick Center, which is an organization to help homeless people. Through all of that sometimes I become so wrapped up in the work that I forget why I am doing those things in the first place. I love doing homeless ministry but I feel like I have become used to the poverty and destruction of additions. Through reading your book, God has shown me a glimpse of hope for every homeless person I know. Not only that but the Lord has asked me to share the hope with them. I have a passion to tell the people living on the streets that there is a way out and that God has a plan of hope and a future for them (Jer 29:11). So again I want to thank God for inspiring you to write the book so that He could bless me through it.

Posted: 2005-06-18 14:19:00

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This is Drew Vandergrift from PEPC - call me if you get this (if you can - not like youre not busy or whatever!)


Drew in SDCA

Posted: 2005-06-26 03:15:00


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