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Letter from Sam
Life has been pretty chill since Mike and I set out almost two years ago to live as a couple of homeless dudes. Sometimes life kicks me in the face, other times life is nice. Through all of the ups and downs I am learning about letting God love me.
I?m trying to let God break me out of a performance driven spirituality that has held me prisoner for a long time. I guess more than anything I am at a really feeble place right now and I feel like I am just learning to walk, like a little kid, all wobbly and unsure.
In spring 2005 I finished my third term at Bible College and decided I needed out of that scene. I am now working fulltime as real estate agent for Ken Hoffman Inc. in Portland, OR.
I am doing life with a rad community of Christ followers in Portland, called Imago Dei, that?s Latin for ?the image of God? I like learning to love God in community and I like letting God transform me, along with my friends, into the image of Christ.
Mike is getting married this summer. I have really enjoyed seeing something we talked of often on the streets, Mike and Danae?s relationship, move into a covenant of marriage.
Mike and I are getting to spend more time together than we have in a long time since we got off the streets. We are both living in Portland this summer so I am looking forward to continuing on life?s journey with that man and his new bride, also a good friend.
In closing, I think the thing I am most stoked about right now is surrendering to gospel and culture being married in my life. If any of you guys want to pray for me, and all of the believers in this world, just echo Christ?s prayer in the gospel of John where you see God?s heart come out for believers immersed in culture, living out the gospel.
?I do not ask that you take them out of the world, but to keep them from the evil one. They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world.? (John 17:15-16)

Thanks for your time,

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You have to know that everyone who's read Under the Overpass wonders how "you" are doing? I see that you're involved with Imago Dei which I've been unfamiliar with. Do you participate or appreciate a particular expression of art?

I'm curious. Are you married? Have children? How is selling real estate affected by your 5 months of the street?

I know this is an old entry, but perhaps my comment will catch up with you. Should it do so, I'd love answers.

Thank you for walking the path you walked. How courageous! You and Mike have opened many of our eyes.


Posted: 2008-07-05 11:27:56


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