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Happy Memorial Day!

It's a beautifully clear Saturday morning here in Colorado. I'm really excited for this weekend. My dad and I are going backpacking up in the Colorado Rockies for 3 days. We're heading out in just a little while and will be getting back late Monday afternoon. I'm really excited for the peace and quiet of the outdoors, as well as the quality time with my dad. Things have been so crazy the past couple of months, even though he was out in Santa Barbara for Westmont's graduation, that it will be good to spend the time with him.

I'm in Colorado for events surrounding Under the Overpass. The Lord is opening amazing doors for the message of the book to go through, and I'm really excited about them! On Wednesday and Thursday I was down at Focus on the Family recording a daily radio broadcast with Dr. Dobson. The interview lasted almost 1 ½ hours, which is longer than normal, and I think it went really well. It will be airing in early July, so check out the Focus on the Family website to see when it is scheduled!

It was such an honor to spend that time with Dr. Dobson, and to get to know him even just a little bit. It is a tremendous thing to know that a Godly, humble, and wise man has been given the platform and influence that Dr. Dobson has. We must all lift him up in prayer as we enter into the difficult summer months, with the name-calling and political slandering growing ever more intense.


Two years ago yesterday Sam and I first set off on our journey. Two years. It is hard to believe that the time has flown by that quickly. So much has come from the experience, so many lessons and reflections, and memories.

Last week Sam and I met in Portland for dinner. It was quite a weird experience to be walking past all of the areas that we had called home. The memories were rich, although some uncomfortable. I walked underneath of the Hawthorne bridge and saw the concrete slabs against which we huddled in the frequent rainstorms. I even walked all the way to the Burnside bridge and tried to locate Sugarman, but unfortunately he seems to have moved to another area of the city.

All along the waterfront crews were setting up for a large Memorial Day Weekend carnival. Memories from Phoenix came flooding back too. Memories from Portland and Phoenix had suddenly joined together.

Lord, would you watch over and protect the men and women that Sam and I encountered on the streets, as well as the millions of others scattered across this great country. As the message of Under the Overpass goes out to the different readers, would you be growing a passion and a desire to get involved and make a difference. Would you Body learn ever more to stand up and follow you into the most desperate of circumstances that we might truly be the Light of the World in order that your Kingdom would be expanded and your Name glorified.


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Mike -
Wow. I, like many others who commented on earlier entries, just finished your book. I acutally had the privledge of meeting you at Westmont this summer, and my crazy big brother has the priveledge of being your friend. You'll know who I'm talking about when you look at my last name (you can't miss it). Anyways...I am truely moved by your book. I have to admit that it was one of the most depressing things I've ever read. Not the story at all but the fact that you guys were treated so poorly many times, even by the church. But, I do think back to times when you could laugh or when you got to talk to other Christians or let them take you out to lunch. I think it's wonderful how you guys let the Lord's will over take you that much and to really follow through with your idea. (I'm sure the Bread of Life ministry in Santa Barbara is helping so many people, just like you were once helped.) I will recommend this book to all sorts of people, and already have. The response I've gotten is two sided, just like many of your times on the road. Some think you and Sam were crazy! Others think it's awesome that you would take such a leap of faith. I, personally, see it as a wake up call for the young Americans today. We are, afterall, the ones that will be the Body of Christ in the years to come, passing on some of our own wisdom later in life. Your book has helped feed my passion for serving the Lord, whether radically like you and Sam, or simply in my own church. The "do-withouts" of food, materialstic things, comfort, sleep, personal hygeine, all of it makes me more grateful for what I have. Once again, I can't thank you enough for publishing your journey so that I could peek in to what you and Sam experienced. I wish you the best of God's love as you continue to apply what you learned so long ago. (And maybe we'll meet again.)
In Christ, the Man who made it all Possible,
Meg Blickendorf

Posted: 2005-05-31 17:40:00

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I am reading through your book, and I wanted to express my heartful thanks that you shared your innermost feelings and thoughts. I have just recently come home from a journey of my own. I was in Ukraine for 2 1/2 years as a missionary and coming home has been the greatest challange, because no one quite knows exactly what I went through. But by reading your book God used your words to encourage me to seek His will for my life here.
Thank you again,

Posted: 2005-06-03 20:46:00

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Hi there, I just completed your book and thought it was an excellent look at a side of America that many people don't want to recognize. Like many other people on here, once I started reading your book I had a hard time putting it down. This book really made me think twice about how I represent the body of christ and made me realize that in my christian life lately I had just been going through the motions. I've been married for a little over a year now and as my wife and I finish up college, start careers and enjoy the wonders of being married I found it was easy to read our bible together at night, pray, but not really depend on god. Reading your testimony has changed the way I view myself and life in general. I often times wonder how my church in Suburban Grand Rapids Michigan would respond in some of the situations you went through in the book. We always like to think of church as an open armed family but it's not always the case. Thank you for writing the book, I've been telling as many people as possible about it....

Posted: 2005-06-09 09:53:00


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