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Portland is different than I remember it.

I've just moved into the new apartment with my three roommates Jim, Brett and Ryan. The weather is exactly as I remember it: cold and rainy. But, now I'm inside whereas 2 years ago, I would have been huddling under a bridge with Sam on this rainy Sunday afternoon instead of sitting in a coffee shop writing this journal entry. It's chilling to remember some of the nights that Sam and I spent under the bridges just 2 years ago.

The new apartment is about an hour south of Portland, but my roommates and I and a couple of other friends are going to be going downtown at different points this summer to hang out with people there. I wonder if SugarMan will still be near the Burnside bridge. What will I say to him when I walk up, and what will his response be?

I'm starting to ask a lot of questions like that now that Under the Overpass has been officially released. What will the people's response be to the experiences that it relates? What about the White-Polo-T-Shirt guy in Phoenix? Will he be angry? Sad? Embarrassed? I pray that the Lord would use Under the Overpass entirely to His glory, even if it is hard to receive people's responses to it.

I'm really interested to connect with some of the different churches that we encountered during our journey. What will they say? What about the church in Berkeley? How can I approach them with humility and at the same time convey the hurt and rejection that Sam and I felt? It's not that I want them to apologize to us, but rather to live differently with the Truth that has been entrusted to them!

All these are important questions that I know I must be diligent in finding the answers to. As the summer progresses, I will be sure to relate any answers that I find out here on UnderTheOverpass.com.

Have an awesome week!

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I just finished your book, like 5 minutes ago. I was/am so moved. I was thinking, even before I read your book, that life with material comforts must distort ones perspective. I think it would be an unforgettable experience to renounce all material comforts and depend soeley on God. What an awesome experience!!! I think that what you and Sam did was not only amazing but moving, heartfelt and encouraging. You have an inspiring experience. Thank you for sharing this with world. I am thankful for the oppertunity to have read the story of your journey.
Keep on keeping on! You are such and inspiration! Thank you!

Candace Everhart

Posted: 2005-05-19 14:00:00

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God is awesome! (and you two aren't too shabby yourselves, recognizing his call on your life...) I really enjoyed the book. I live in innercity Greensboro, NC, and am involved in ministry with the children in our neighborhood. We have a very large homeless population here, so it was great to hear of a few others involved in a ministry of love. We'll pray that more people will recognize the universal call to minister to the poor. Our prayers are with you and Sam!

Posted: 2005-05-20 21:38:00

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Mike, the book was amazing, and I admire your passion for the Lord. What an inspiration you are to us all. Thanks for giving us the chance to partake in your journey.

Derek Ward

Posted: 2005-05-26 19:20:00


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