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From 2003-05-04
"I find my heart to be entirely numb, which I find disheartening. Ironically. Usually numb means not-feeling, but I think now I mean dull, sort of throbbing every so often. It's cloudy which means that I'm allowed to feel like this. Perhaps it is the crazy finals week, perhaps saying goodbye to the 12 freshman guys that I've been an RA for this semester, perhaps saying godbye to all of my sophomore boys, perhaps that I have been seriously lacking on sleep as of late. And then it's probably a bunch of other stuff that I can't even articulate.

Nae is gone to Oregon, I soon to be off to Colorado.
Chaos is about to begin.
Lord, have your way. Please."


Wow. School is finished. Almost entirely. In just 3 short days I will walk at Westmont's Graduation. My mom and dad and sister all fly in on Friday. Wow. There aren't really many words to put the feelings into a more concrete form. It's interesting looking back on my journal from 2003. The same numb feeling. I'm not usually numb. Maybe it's just the season. End of the year, everybody is saying goodbye and packing up frantically, who knows.

I had my last small group meeting last night with my Freshman guys. A really rich time. Awesome conversation about good topics. What we would be doing over the summer, ways to make sure that we are staying in the Word and in prayer, how we're all going to be staying in touch with one another etc. I'm going to miss those guys so much during the summer.

It was interrupted, though, when 8 upper-clansmen guys lead by my good friend Brett stormed into the lounge and absolutely smeared two of the freshman guys with LOTS of tapioca pudding. Retribution for the chocolate frosting lathered across Brett's face earlier in the evening.

It's the right time to be graduating, the right season. But it still feels strange. Danae and I will be back down here next fall in order for her to finish her last semester at Westmont, but Westmont will no longer be where I am supposed to be. That will be strange.

Under the Overpass is taking off in exciting ways. I'm actually really blown away. I never expected it to do as well as it is doing, or for it to be used in such amazing ways by the Lord in people's lives. I spoke at Trinity Baptist on Sunday, and the Lord just moved. Lots of people afterward were just sharing their conviction about not being loving towards others and how God was using the story of Sam's and my time on the streets to turn their hearts back toward Him. AMEN! Lord, do what you will!

Well, I've got to go and start packing up my room. Jim, Brett, Ryan and I are moving to Portland on Tuesday for the summer.

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Ken Pierpont

Member Since:


My 19 year-old son was brousing your book at the store tonight at about 6:00 p.m. It's 11:30 and he just walked in and tossed it on the desk and said, "This is a great book, you should read it."

Thought you might like knowing that it was used of God to stir my son's heart for God and for others.

We live in downtown Flint, Michigan, a hurting city with an abundance of hurting, homeless people.

We'll stay in touch.

Ken Pierpont
Riverfront Character Inn
Flint, MI


Posted: 2005-05-10 22:27:00

Member Since:

Thank you for this experience. Genuinely, you have given me a new sense of lives around mine that aren't directly invovled. Truly, the world turns without me in it, I think it's my time to jump in.

Chad Huff
Bozeman, MT

Posted: 2005-05-11 05:51:00

Member Since:

Hi Mike, I have just recently finished your book and thought it was excellent. I was moved to action...I went and bought McDonald's coupon books for my husband and my's glove compartments. So when we come across someone we can be ready. I was glad you answered what to do because I always struggle when seeing the begging going on.
What I mostly struggle with is why should I give to someone begging when I already give to my rescue mission? Why don't these people go to the rescue missions and check in? I actually understood the feelings ( not actions) of the wealthy man who yelled at you about his hard work. I really want homeless people to get the help they need. But is encouraging pan-handling the way? You guys actually sang for your supper and so I feel at least you were working for it with your talents. I really want to know the answers to these questions! If you have more insight please share. I am coming from a completely ignorant point of view here and I do realize that mercy is very important and I'd rather error on that side.
So thank if you can answer me and thank you for following God's leading in your life and helping the rest of us change and grow too.
Sincerely, Ann

Posted: 2005-05-12 20:02:00
Greg miller

Member Since:

I just read your book and thought it was great. My pastor and I were talking one day while I was reading the book and we were complaining about how tiring hotdogs and macaroni and cheese can be at times. The next day I had a chance to buy a gentleman lunch. We had hotdogs for lunch. I now have a new perspective on hotdogs and Macaroni and cheese. thanks for touching our lives.


Posted: 2005-05-18 08:44:00

Member Since:

I'd like to respond to "mirabelli" who asks why she should give food to homeless people on the street, when they "should" be at a rescue mission, and who portends to "understand" why wealthy people yell and scream at homeless people, treating them with disrespect.

Dear Mirabelli,

Unless youre a member of the privileged class, youre just one job away from being homeless, yourself -- Or one foreclosure action. Or one backruptcy. Or one medical emergency you can't hope to pay for. Sure, maybe you think "those people" need to be at rescue missions. They might also "need" to be in drug treatment program. They might also need to "get a job."

But the fact is, they either can't or they aren't. And some day that person who can't find a job or lodging may be YOU.

Jesus didn't ask questions. He healed. He fed. He loved. He reached out to the most lonely and desolute in our society. If youre truly a Christian, you will, too. Time here on this earth is short. There'll be plenty of time in heaven to ponder why we made lame excuses for not helping our fellowman.

Posted: 2005-08-22 18:25:00

Member Since:

Dear Mike,

Many of the questions others asked in their comments, I would love to ask too. But for now, I'll just leave my thoughts. I've recently begun reading your 30 Days Under the Overpass. I'd read the original book about a year ago. Two things that impressed me and that I'm grateful for your having shared are these: 1. Tne need for eye contact, conversation, recognition that homeless people "are" people. 2. That our Christianity shows. The story of Sugar Man lingers in my heart. It shows me, too, that I don't need an immense amount of money nor an immense amount of time to touch a life.

I am curious as to how your experience is playing out in your life now. I also wonder if you have a schedule of places you'll be speaking.

I hope to visit your website often. I am greatly blessed by the comments others are making. So, thank you to them, too.

Scripture tells us to provoke one another to love and good works -- hurrah Mike and Sam. Thank you for doing so.


Posted: 2008-06-11 12:47:02

Member Since:

Hej Mike!


This is a short article with me and my hearing dog, Snickers. Scroll down to page five and we're to the left. Snickers is on my right side.

The reason I post is to let you know that I hope to get ahold of you for a few quick questions for a column I'm writing (yes, I am a reporter) for the same newspaper we're featured in a story regarding disabilities.

If you're able to get to my login information, please feel free to grab my cell phone number and we could set a time. If you can't get it, email me at klecknpe@mnstate.edu

Hope to see you there!

Posted: 2008-09-26 14:53:18


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