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Category: Testimonies
Topic: crossing the tracks

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About a month or so ago, I began feeling God tugging on my heart strings and leading me toward the homeless community. Slowly, day by day, my husband and I have pieced together what it is I'm wanted to do. My church is young and we do not yet have a ministry of any kind for homeless outreach, honestly because not enough people from our suburbian neighboorhood want to think about it. We are, however an extremely effective, seeker friendly church that has reached many in the community, including myself. And so begins my journey down a road that has just opened out wide in front of me. I felt as though God's plan for this specific ministry was to feed the homeless with the true" bread of life", and only knew for certain that the mission would have to center around touch; physical, emotional, spiritual. I knew that these folks needed to eat, be clothed, sheltered and supported, but that was not the focus that had been layed on my heart. God wanted me to reach out and touch them and tell them how valuable, unique, and worth the life of His Son they were. There was only one problem, I had never spoken to a homeless person let alone touched them and talked about Jesus. Afterall, I had only become saved by this Awesome Savior about 2.5 years earlier. However, My pastor and his wife along with my husband were behind me and now I had a vision, a mission and the middle class means to touch many lives. All I had to do was take that step across the tracks so to speak. I went to my favorite suburbian Christian bookstore one morning looking for books telling me where to start, what to say and how to react to the sorrow I knew I was going to have to open my eyes and face. I found Under The Overpass and read it cover to cover in less than a day. I was inspired, challenged and knew now for sure that I had to go to them. Now knowing that and doing it were two totally different animals, I came to find out. My husband and I asked our marriage support group to pray for us that we might hear "loud and clear" what exactly God was asking and how exactly to go about doing it. The following morning, I awoke and immediatley was confronted with so much going through my head I could barely think. I was hearing loud and clear alright. No, I did not hear voices, just specific, profound thoughts that came from nothing I could remember learning, doing or seeing. I felt knots in my stomach beacause I knew exactly what God was working on and knew there would be no way for me to weasel out of it. I had to face it, them, I should say face to face, right now, right here, today. I went to the nearest Goodwill, bought a backpack for $2.99, stopped by the local grocery store and bought four boxes of nature's valley granola bars (just as Mike suggested), 20 packets of individually wrapped string cheese and a bunch of oranges. I stuffed them all into my newly purchased backpack along with my wearing copy of The Message (Eugene Peterson), drove to a bus stop,

Posted: 2006-10-26 20:32:00

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