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Category: Testimonies
Topic: God's ways are better than our ways

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I just wanted to thank you for listening to that voice in your heart that said "follow me"! I believe your book fell into my hand for confirmation of what we've been doing for the past 5 months.

My husband and I and a few other friends have been going to a homeless shelter in downtown Dallas handing out anything we can get our hands on. It all started when I had that same voice saying follow me in my heart. Telling me to go help the homeless. I fought that thought for about two weeks knowing that when I presented it to my husband and friends they would say I was crazy and talk me to my senses. I could only fight it for 2 weeks and then the thought was almost overwhelming. That's all I could think about. So I presented it and to my surprise everyone was on board with it.

We started in the dead heat of the Texas summer and we went to Austin Street Shelter and handed out ice cold bottles of water to those who were waiting to get in. We have been going once a week ever since then. We collect clothes from our friends and family, people we work with, friends of friends and so on. Basically, everyone we know has already been asked to go through their closets and I would bug them until we finally got something. Now I go to garage sales and leave my name and number and tell them to call me if they just want to get rid of the stuff left over and I tell them what we do with it. Most of the time I get called to come pick up a truckload of stuff.

There will be some weeks that we don't have anything to give but we keep praying about it and by the time we go up there we'll have at least a couple of trash bags full of things to pass out. God always supplies us with something!!

We've finally, after 5 months of going up there week by week, have gained trust and developed relationship with a lot of the people. Within the past two weeks we've had people come up to us asking for specific prayer. Anything from safety and a change in their situation to beating the addictions that are making them stumble.

Again, I just wanted to say thank you for getting your story out and accepting the sufferings for Christ. I will pass the book along in hopes of igniting that same fire in the hearts of others.

God Bless,

Britney Samford

Posted: 2006-10-23 20:07:00

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