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Category: Testimonies
Topic: ignoring Jesus

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I bought this book yesterday. I read it in about 5 hours. Today I got my first "test" to really put my thoughts from reading this book into practice. There's a guy in my local town that I called "Chronic" because I saw him one time wearing a hat with a marijuana leaf on it. I went to eat today at a local restaurant... and there he was. It was like God was just thumping me on the back of the head. Unfortunately the restaurant didn't have gift certificates, so I decided to take a chance and give him some money. My wife and I started talking to him, and I found out that he didn't have a coat to wear, and the weather has already gotten kinda cold. So I went home and grabbed a coat and went to the store and got a hat and gloves for him. I got back to the restaurant where my wife was still talking to him and we gave him the coat and stuff. we offered to drive him to a local shelter but he denied our offer and said he would be okay. We prayed with him and believe me we will be praying for him from now on.
I realized through this book that when we kinda try to ignore those people in need, that it's the same as ignoring Jesus. Like the Bible teaches, whatever we do to others we are doing it to Jesus.


Posted: 2006-10-15 19:21:00

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Hmmmm ... that's so wonderful! And I love it that as I sat at home and finished the book today, you were already lovin on someone!

Not sure what I'm gonna do. I live in Portland area. We have a huge homeless community... and I'm female... new to the area... and my church says I'm more than welcome to help the homeless, but that isn't their focus right now - sigh - so it's just me... don't really have any friends yet... I'm pretty introverted...

I'm gonna go down there alone I suppose... I'm so very excited! Keep me in your prayers. God dazzled me today by showing me what you did.



Posted: 2006-10-15 21:54:00

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