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Category: Testimonies
Topic: Revolution

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In this book and other I have found a new thought process and have become very aware of the need of love in our world. This completely changes everything I have every thought. Could Jesus just pass by the needy filling that need, the unloved and rejected are getting ignored and who else needs love more. Like Mike said Jesus was thought to be like the people he spent the majority of his time with even though he was the Son of God he humbled himself to our level. Who are we to think we diserve love or comforts when there is our fellow brothers and sisters on the streets that have NOTHING. This is the revolution of hearts and minds, please respond.

P.S. even if no one goes and becomes homeless or does anything ratical like that there is always people who need love. So love, love, love.

Posted: 2006-08-11 09:53:00

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Amen brother...
We are consumed in a culture of excessive material wealth, surrounded by stuff that just takes up space...there are so many commericals talking about luxury cars and luxury spa getaways when it's clear that real love has become a luxury, something only for the elite who 'deserve it. True love, the love Jesus has for all humanity cannot be bought and it is something none of us deserve. We treat those on the streets as if theyre diseased; afraid to get too close b/c someone might see. Jesus did not pass us up, He didn't opt for better company as some of the teachers of the New Testament did. The love Jesus has given each one of us is truly revolutionary and we should be all the more egar to tell those who have been forgotten by the world that they in fact are loved and valued by their Creator. Who are we to bestow love on certain people and shun others? Even though Mike said the majority of the homeless he met had drug or alcohol problems, that does not mean they should not be received with open arms. Yes it was most likely their sin that put them on the streets but we are ALL sinful--its the same disease, just different symptoms. Join the revolution.


Posted: 2006-08-15 15:21:00

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Shaun, you said this so well :

P.S. even if no one goes and becomes homeless or does anything ratical like that there is always people who need love. So love, love, love.

I have been involved a small community of homeless in Houston for nearly three years. It immediately struck me that only Christ could fix each of their situations. When I asked Father to show me how to help (knowing I am not equipped to evangelize) He told me to love them, just love them. I was so happy because I DO know how to love. However, some homeless people aren't easy to love unconditionally and at times I knew I failed to love them. So, on my knees again, begging Father for help, I asked Him to give me His love for them when mine was just not there. Oh my goodness, that was such a wonderful prayer to pray. I was immediately filled with His Love for others, not just the homeless.

I am so blessed when I can look at a person and see their heart, and feel His amazing love for him or her. So blessed!

In the past two months, two different men from this homeless community have disappeared from the street, and called me from drug rehab centers. Although I know many who get caught in a revolving door at rehab centers, I have hope for both of these men, hope that they are back in Father's arms, and safe from whatever evil Satan can throw at them. And the difference........their questions about why do I love them, and my candid responses (many many times) that although I do love them, the first love I felt for them was God's love....finally reached their hearts. Finally they understood that He loves them just as they are right where they are, and they were able to climb in His lap and rest.

You are so right, Shaun. We need to love, love, love!

Celebrating His Life with you,


Posted: 2006-08-16 14:53:00

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