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Category: Testimonies
Topic: It slapped me in the face...

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Wow. I am not even finished with the book yet, but I couldn't wait to express how much I appreciate the journey of Mike and Sam. I am fifteen and going on a Mission Trip to Colorado in July. We are each required to read a book of influence in spreading the gospel...The Great Commission. Before, an act of evangelism would include talking to a friend in an air-conditioned home, witnessing to a teammate at soccer practice, or inviting a friend to Bible Club. It never occurred to me that we are to "preach to all nations"... and people. Thank you, Mike, for you really opened my eyes to the world of the homeless. Each time the book mentioned people simply ignoring you on the street, pretending you don't exist, it slapped me in the face. I have been that person. Amenities and luxuries have come so easily, I attempt to forget the Christians who have to beg for food. The lost who have no place to sleep. The people who aren't sure if they'll make it through the night. Once again, thank you for pulling the blindfold from my eyes. This book is already changing my outlook on people, in general.

Posted: 2006-06-11 20:25:00

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