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Category: Testimonies
Topic: God's Awesome!

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Good afternoon everybody!,
I recently finished reading this book: ("Under the overpass, ...") and just wanted to share with you my thoughts about it. Two weeks ago I went on vacation to Florida and not really looking for anything in particular as I walked into a Christian bookstore in Saint Augustine I came across this book. I flipped it over to read the back and get a general idea about the book, wondering if I should get it or not. Just from the brief statements about the book, I felt it was going to be a good book. But also, I have been feeling a tug in my heart to live a little more for Christ and to step out of my comfort zone and stand on God's word more. (it's not easy) So, with that on my heart, I went forward and bought the book, my mind not really understanding what just happened. I began reading it inbetween trips to the beach and on my down time while on vacation. I had more time to read it while flying home (9hours) on the airplane and also inbetween conversations with a guy sitting next to me on the flight. Reading doesn't really attract me and I loose interest quite quickly, but this book caught my interest and it was a surprise when I actually finished it because I didn't want it to end!. God has really worked through this book to touch my heart and is continuely working in my heart. I am so encouraged by Mike & Sam that they simply obeyed God to go wherever He called them to go and through their obedience, this book has touched many lives, including mine!. I am encouraged everyday to persevere toward the higher calling of God. Thank you for brothers like you Mike & Sam for loving God and encouraging people that there's hope & forgiveness in our Lord & Saviour Christ Jesus.
God Bless you all!
All for Him,
G. Murphy - Oahu, Hawaii

Posted: 2006-06-04 18:41:00

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