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Category: Testimonies
Topic: The Church

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So what is the answer to getting the Church to take more notice of social issues? The Bible is sooo full of topics of justice, the poor, the orphan, but we see little really done. Multi Million Dollar Building with a ton pf programs but very little put in to the hurting. Passages like Isaiah 58 and Matt 25 speaks of the danger of a salvation without love for the outcast. How many of us would have passed the stranger in the Good Samaritan story? Dorothy Day once said.."The heart Hungers for the new social order whre justice dwells"....I pray that we as the church will one day truly "love our neighbor as ourselves" and not be as the pharisee and ask.."who is my neighbor"?

Posted: 2006-05-20 10:45:00

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Hi puddinboy and all :)

Puddin, it seems you have been blessed with a very caring heart. Isn't God absolutely grand? I thank Him for the heart He has given you.

The Church, as I know it, is made up of you and I and all others who follow Christ. True followers listen for His voice, and obey Him. We are out here, doing what we can to help the poor. It is never enough, but we do what we can, knowing that only Jesus can redeem these poor souls. And He has.

Loving our neighbor isn't difficult when we refuse to ask who is our neighbor and instead love everyone as if they were. Because they are.

One remarkable thing about Jesus is that He never asks us to do anything without equipping us with the resources to do so. He commands us to love one another. Then, when we ask Him to do so, He fills our heart with His love for one another, a love that burns inside our hearts and slowly transforms them to be like His.

It isn't hard to love the poor. It IS hard to love the Pharisee, the least loveable of humans, but we are asked to do just that. When I cannot, I rest in Jesus and let Him do it for me.

Jesus said we will always have the poor with us. The poor in spirit are perhaps the very most destitute of mankind and perhaps the least to appear actually poor. Again, all we can do is love them. Jesus will redeem each and every poor situation :)

Celebrating His life with you,

Humble, TX

Posted: 2006-05-25 14:30:00

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Very well put! You said that the least loveable is the pharisee and I would agree..But also I think there is a little pharisee in all of us. We will always have the poor with us. In the Story of the Good Samaritan...The Stranger was hurt and beaten on this dangerous road..and His immediate need was met..But I'd like to seek to go farther..find out why that road was full of robbers and so dangerous and seek to make it safer...I think we should always strive to find out WHY there are poor and homeless...and solve those issues as well.

Posted: 2006-05-26 08:14:00

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