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Category: Testimonies
Topic: Loving (and helping) our neighbors

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Were very impressed with your book. We borrowed it from our local library, and most of my family - including myself, my wife, our daughter and our son - have now read it or are doing so.

We got it because, for some time, God has given us a burden for trying to promote 'loving our neighbors. We've tried to spread the word about what the Bible teaches that that means, and tried (so far, without much success) to get churches to work together to do it.

Our whole family, including both children, went through six years of "homelessness" as part of God's process of teaching us. In our case, that was NOT by choice, but because of a layoff. However God did bless us by letting us do it in a tent trailer and not directly on the streets like you did.

Partly because of that experience - and lots of Bible study - I've written a still-unpublished book some of your readers (or you) might like to know about. For now, you can see the text on Sparkle of Nature's Internet site, www.sparkleofnature.com. It's called “Activating the Forgotten Commandment," and what it does is explore the Biblical meaning of "loving our neighbors,” plus tell a lot of stories from our own experiences.

It's the only book I know of on what the Bible means by “Loving Our Neighbors,” despite the importance Jesus gave it. Like "Under the Overpass," it's very relevant to today, but is centered on what the Scriptures teach. It especially focuses on helping the poor (because that's what the Bible emphasizes too), but includes many other ‘neighbors,' ranging from our families to the sick to politicians, our enemies, and even Christians from other churches.

It's been approved by the Writers Edge screening service, and is only posted on the Internet until we find a publisher. But if you find it helpful, youre welcome to download or print it, free, for your own personal use (but not to sell). At least one IVCF chapter has already used it for a Bible study.

Posted: 2006-05-15 13:55:00

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