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Category: Testimonies
Topic: Passion for the homeless

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This book was a blessing in due time. I have worked with the homeless for some years now and God has blessed me richly with such wonderful people. They stretch and grow my faith in ways that I never thought possible. I wanted to do so much more then what I was doing, and God was more then glad to let me. So at the age of 37 I found myself in Christian college this year, thanks be to God, working on my bachelors in missions.
It has not been an easy semester with classes like physiology, and interpersonal communications. These two classes as much as I hate to admit it make me want to run back to a safe place. They are filled with all kinds of secular theory, but I have to remember that this too is a stretching of my faith. Being in school give me little time to be in the soup kitchen or stopping to visit them on the street. As you could image it is easy for me to lose sight of why I am in school if I can't be with homeless every day.
So, to have a book that validates what I knew to be true about the treatment of the homeless is so valuable to me. It has renewed my zeal for my passion to reach out to God's homeless. I truly believe that these men and women are highly favored of God and it is our responsibility as bothers and sisters in Christ to user them into our Fathers open arms.
I love the way God keeps saving me at the last minute to push me forward. It is truly by His strength and not my own.
This week started our Lenten season and on Thursday night on my way to midweek serves I finished reading the book out loud to my friend who was driving. As I entered the back of a dark sanctuary that glowed in candle light, sitting in the back pew was one of God's beloved homeless. I walked over and gave him a big hug and whispered I miss you. I sat down by him and as the people raised their voices in praise to God I started to pray. As emotion welled up inside me, I prayed that God would continue to us Mike and Sam to talk out about how god longs for his homeless just as bad as he longs for us (the people who call them selves Christians who are equally as homeless in the eyes of God.) I prayed that people who would reach out would be as blessed as I have been by men just like the one I was sitting next to. No sooner did I release my prayer and the homeless man reached over and grabbed my hand. The tears ran down my checks as I begged God that one day He would tell my dear homeless friend how at that moment I need him, I need his strength. That he too was part of Gods great plane to bless people like me.
As the book talked about I have never meet a homeless person that was not mentally ill or had an addiction. I don't feel at liberty to fully express what they have meant to me for fear that they might misunderstand my passion. So I have faith that God will tell them face to face one day!!

Posted: 2006-03-19 18:56:00

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in my opinion you have done far more than i am able to do now. i can tell that the lord guides you amen

Posted: 2006-04-03 18:51:00

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