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Category: Testimonies
Topic: In awe and thankfullness

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Like so many here I finished a fantastic book a few days ago and needed to check the webpage and say thanks. One of the great things about it is how this particular account of an incredible journey has the power to reach those of other faiths. Christian works and teachings all too often come off as (or are intentionally) self-inclusive and exclusive, but this book makes obvious the depth of religious and spiritual belief of the author without demanding the reader believe the same. Bravo Mike!

I was raised ELCA Lutheran, which had and has very positive impacts on me and is a great interpretation of Christianity, but I had questions about life and the universe I did not feel were being answered. I began a journey of faith on this realization, studying any and every system of belief I could get my eager little hands on, and began to integrate and practice elements of them that resonated. Life itself is a journey, and I've taken some pretty wild turns with it - never literally lived on the streets, but veeery close, and for a while I did kick myself to the curb in a manner of speaking, emotionally and spiritually. Even in the darkest times though, when I looked openly and honestly (and especially in hindsight!) I could see a force shaping my life, leading me from one step to the next and guiding those amazingly dead-on but supposedly random happenstances that have so shaped me. Over the course of my studies, practices, and day-to-day life, an amazing realization has come to light. All these different faiths the world over all have the same thing at their core, to respect yourself and others to the same degree, love an all-encompassing love, and be a good person. All the rest are the details of different cultures in different geographical locations and different times on how to go about doing this! Spirit moves through all things, everything holds energy and life; this is the body of God (or whichever name is chosen).

In a way it could be seen that I have come full circle - I departed from the church to learn about life, and in learning as much as I can about the infinate facets of life I found God again. But each interprettation, life, opinion, and story is a piece of an infinate puzzle. I find the more pieces I collect - and create! - the closer I am to seeing a full picture, and the closer I am to seeing a picture the more I realize I can never see the complete puzzle. So I say it's more of a spiral, a sphere with no border, which in a convoluted unwieldy-seeming sort of way brings me back to the importance of this book we've read. This particular piece, by evidence of all the people who have posted here, and the reverberations implied by the speaking engagements, missions, even the hurricane donations banner at the top, has unlocked so many other pieces. It came from a "typical" Christian voice that returned to the roots of Christianity - it always seemed sort of brushed-over to me the importance of Jesus

Posted: 2006-02-27 15:27:00

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