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Topic: MIKE....WOW!!!!!

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Mike WOW!!!!
First of all I would like to say your book is so amazing and it has had a big! impact on me. You and Sam have become apart of our family! So much to say, I don't know how to began.
A few months ago you spoke to my daughters Amy's class at NCU in Minneapolis. She has been called to the streets in many ways for a few years now even while I write this she is down in Mobile Alabama street witnessing! Now about the rest of the family!!! My husband Tony is a pastor and we have 8 kids ages 25 to 6 yrs. 4 of them are adopted. We did foster care for years and when we adopted the last 2 about 3 years ago I felt God was calling me in a new direction to the streets to the homeless. Both my husband and Amy would encourage me but yet this was far out of my safety zone! So this year at Thanksgiving Amy brought your book home I had to promise to read it.She talked of your faith and told me it would help me understand what God was truly calling me to do And that you and Sam would give me insight of needs of the homeless and also how to be safe myself. So as I started to read your story I thought this is not what God really wanted me to do. I got all this kids to care for .... but as I read on I kept telling my husband about things you guys were going through and your faith I fond myself telling people about you guys just like I talk about my own kids! I even bought some books for friends for Christmas!I I found myself getting angry at the Christians that you came across how could they be so blind and uncaring? I cried I laughed at times thought you guys were crazy to keep going! As I was finishing the book our 15 yr.old and I got in to one of those normal talks that her cloths do not need to be name brand, and decided to read the book to the 6 youngest even the 6 yr.old (even my husband!) many nights Mike and Sam's life became the topic of our home I cried again the kids remarks were amazing! Our 6 yr.old asked why people didn't help you? I had to look at myself at why haven't I answered to what God has called me to do?(now look at what you gone and did!!)So again I talk to Amy and my husband only this time with a understanding of who God was calling me to! My husband says he would be beside me in what I do. Amy did not seem surprised at my call and said we should buy fast food gift cards and hit down town and let God lead us! So 2 weeks ago that is what we did! We knew of a homeless shelter and ended up going in! We meet so many awesome people, they were so thankful for the gift cards. One man told me he felt God was punishing him or trying to teach him something he spoke of his little girl , I asked him if this is how he would teach her?And he said NO! Then I asked him then why would his heavenly father teach him this way that this is not from God it was from the evil one that god loves him! This big man just sat and cried. I praised God and also thanked him for you and Sam! To night we made dinner for the shelter and friends of our h

Posted: 2006-02-26 00:08:00

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