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Category: Testimonies
Topic: Bloody sidewalk

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We were down feeding the homeless last month, just like we do every month. Our 40 lunches were passed out in 5 minutes, and we were just getting into listening and praying for the homeless who wanted to share their stories with us. Then, I looked down.

On the sidewalk, under my feet, was dried blood that was probably about 24 hours old, that covered and drenched the sidewalk in an area about the size and shape of a couch. There were smears in that blood like someone had fallen numerous times and tried to get up. There were drips of it everywhere, but no footprints of someone walking away. Did someone die where I was standing, just a day ago?

I am writing this, because the homeless need our help so desperately NOW, TODAY! Those homeless I give a lunch to, talk to, and pray with may just be a few hours from death, or a few days. It is so dangerous and violent on the streets. And that blood on the sidewalk, where I was standing, made me even more passionate.

I am sharing this with you, so perhaps you can become more passionate for the homeless, just like Mike and Sam. The homeless need our help, and we can't shut our eyes to their plight. Because while we are shutting our eyes, people are dying, people that maybe we could have helped, but we didn't want to see.

God Bless!

Posted: 2006-02-07 12:24:00

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