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Topic: Amazing Book

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I just have to say that the book was amazing to me... I started reading it last night at about 11 o clock and even with work I managed to finish it the tonight. The courage that it took to make this commitment pushes me to do more in my life. At my church a group of us have been going down to Detroit to feed the homeless, we've grilled hamburgers, took turkey dinner down there and everytime we go we meet wonderful people all with different stories, while I was reading your book I could see these people in my head.
These men are so close to my age, it comforts me to know that we can change the world, maybe not drasticly but at least one person at a time. I will recommend this book to everyone I know, because I think that anyone who reads it will be inspired. Especially in my community, where Detroit is less than 10 mintues away, and we see these broken people all the time. In our feeding downtown, we met a woman named Linda, and since we've met her she has gone to rehab and now has a small apartment near the park where we feed people. She has accomplished so much, yet she has so far to go. She is dealing with alot of things in her past that may cause her to fall, she is in need of prayer. A fellow member of our chruch is picking her up on Sunday morning because she says she needs help and wants to make a relationship with the Lord. I have been praying about this, and after reading this book, I feel empowered, that I can help her. Being a newer Christian I often feel like I do not know enough to really help someone. Sometimes it doesn't take more than a smile, to make someone's day, this book has helped me see that. Thank you for the time that was taken from these men's lives to open the hearts of many.

May God bless your life, that you may share more works with those around you.

Posted: 2006-01-12 23:22:00

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