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Category: Testimonies
Topic: Faith

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I have just finished reading Under the Overpass, and was so moved by it. I highlighted areas, and I have told several friends about this book. I have to admit, that I bought the book right after the story aired on Focus on the family, due to the fact that Mike had gone to Westmont, and my daughter was going to start going there this past August as a freshman. I have been so moved by the staff, the facualty and the president of Wesmont College, and was so very proud of the fact that this young man found the courage, and conviction to do what he did. I listened to a scientist with my daughter when she was pretty young, and he stated the same thing about looking someone in they eye, be it the guy who is pumping your gas(Oregon, no self pumping), or who is on the street, this gives a person some self worth. I have been real firm in believing that missionaries can go where God leads them, be it across the world or here in our own back yard. There is so many here in the United States that need the message of Hope and Christ love, and there seems to be so many that are in the art of "Religion" and I so believe in the "Relationship with Jesus Christ". I hope that I can do some of the things that you promoted, and from being around the Portland, OR there are things that I can do.
Thank you for your faithfulness in Christ's calling and being willing to follow where he would lead you.

Posted: 2006-01-11 16:09:00

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