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Topic: Remembering

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Mike, I would like to just tell you how amazing your book was to me personally. I am a college student at Murray State University, and I was completely moved by the stories and the encounters you had. This past summer I worked for Center for Student Missions (CSM), an inner-city organization that is based in several major cities in the United States. I worked in Nashville, TN this summer and this book brought back so many memories and personal experiences I had with the homeless and the brokenhearted.

As a CSM intern (city hosts) we worked with youth groups that wanted to do a mission trip doing inner city work for a week. We worked very close with the homeless and the poor, all over the city, utilizing the local non-profit organizations that serve the community. I kept a journal the entire summer, praying to God that I would never forget the faces nor the stories I heard. I prayed that I would never forget the brokenness and the darkness that I encountered. And I learned more about loving people this summer than I had at any church service I've been attending in the five years I've been a Christian.

Your book stirred a passion for the lost again. It stirred up feelings and thoughts that I haven't had since this summer. Honestly, the homeless and poverty level in Murray, Kentucky is not high, and it was hard to deal with getting back into regular life so easily--like you said, almost guilty at how easy it became. But it's not about just the homeless and poor. It's about the people that just plainly do not know Jesus. Who are so lost...everywhere is a mission field. Especially on a college campus. So I just wanted to thank you for sharing your experiences. They have encouraged me, as well as rejuvenated me.

Posted: 2005-12-25 19:31:00

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