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Category: Testimonies
Topic: Everyone can make a difference ___ 2 Tim 1:7

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Hi Mike,

It was so good to meet you in person when you were in Longmont, CO on November 17th. I am truely inspired by your willingness and courage to become homeless and to document the reality of being homeless. I really enjoyed your book and share in your passion to raise awareness in the faith community and help the homeless. I hope that anyone wanting to know more about the homeless buys your book and reads it.

My friends from church and I volunteer for an organization called Boulder County Cares- BCC (www.bouldercountycares.org). This non profit organization provides life sustaning supplies for the unsheltered homeless. Nightly, volunteers search areas all over the city of Boulder and outlying areas frequented by the homeless to make sure they are supplied with donated hot food, winter clothing, blankets, sleeping bags, etc. I think my fellow volunteers will agree that the work has changed all of our lives and the way we look at people in need and our own blessings. I am so thankful that this organization exists to aid the unsheltered homeless. I hope that counties all around the country will consider establishing similar relief programs for the homeless.

I just wanted to share a story and provide a suggestions to readers...
One night we picked up a lone homeless woman standing on the doorstep of a church seeking aid. She has just arrived in town. We transported her to the homeless shelter. It's like you said in your book - the church's doors were locked, but the liquor store down the street was still open...It's a problem that might be easily solved by all churches by creating an 24 hr emergency aid ministry and placing an emergency assistance sign posted near the entrance of the church. "Please call this phone number 555-5555 if you need immediate and urgent aid from our Church and someone will come to assist you." How hard could it be for a large church to gather enough volunteers so that for one night a month someone can be on call to help someone in distress?

It is a frigid -12 degrees F tonight in Boulder. A BCC patrol was out tonight looking for people. I pray that anyone outside in crisis was found and aided. The needs of the homeless are so great. The potential of the faith community to help is endless. What can each of us do to help?

Matthew 25:35-40

Grace and Peace,

-A Friend of the Homeless

Posted: 2005-12-08 00:01:00

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What we can do to help is so simple, but many are unwilling. My husband and I have been going to the inner city of Atlanta for quite a few years. When we arrived the people we met were very stand-offish, for they had experienced "christian folks" before. But week in and week out we were faithful to the Lord, and gained their trust. When they asked for things, such as social security cards, and help with state ID's, clothes and other necessities we came through. And the ones who began to trust us, we invited to our home to get their lives back, or should I say, get their lives! We have taken in over 10 people in the last 3 years and helped them to see a better tomorrow, and teach them the truth of the love of God, and how Jesus came to change us all. They have gotten jobs, been delivered from addictions, given their lives to the One who made them, and are now praising His Name.
Take them in, one at time. We have stressed this over an over in our local church, yet no one will step forward. If every CHURCH took in 3 to 4 homeless people and helped them to restore their lives, we would not have a homeless problem in America. There are churches on every corner. Yet no one wants to let a stranger in their home. Jesus said in Matthew that we are to take the stranger in, feed, clothe, and give them a drink. We don't have much, and my husband and I both work outside the home, but we know Jesus has commanded this of those who love Him, so it is such a natural response. What we have comes from Him any way, and we are only stewards, so who are we to say to the Owner of our homes and cars, etc., no we will not let You use it for Your purpose and glory.
It just takes trust on our part and God works out the rest! I know it works, and we owe it all to God! To Him be the glory forever and ever!!!
In our city, we have one mission. Millions of people and thousands of homeless, and one mission. How sad that is. Though we only make a difference one life at a time, you must start somewhere.
May this make a difference to anyone who reads this!!!!
Growing in His love and grace daily,

Posted: 2005-12-09 08:54:00

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