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Category: Testimonies
Topic: I need 15 of your books by this Tuesday Night in the Denver Area - any ideas?

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Friday 2, 2005

Hello Mike!

I just finished reading your book while traveling home with my husband from Thanksgiving Break and LOVED it!

Thank you for following that small voice and giving up your possessions and status for a time in order to gain understanding and help others to gain perspective on what it is like to be homeless and the need for the body of Christ to reach out to those in need. I was so challenged and convicted by reading your book and am excited to pass it along.

I actually have a friend in Denver who is wanting to pass out fifteen copies to his friends at the St. John's Urban and Social Concerns meeting this tuesday night and I'm having a hard time finding him that many copies that fast.

Do you have any ideas of where in the Denver area I could locate nine books quickly(I already have six I can give him)? I just ordered 160 of your books from Multnomah Publishers for work, but they won't be getting here until the end of next week.

I actually work at the Denver Rescue Mission and I graduated from Westmont College in 2001. I grew up near Parker (right off of Arapahoe and Parker Road). My parents were in a Bible Study group with your friend Brad Meuli while I was growing up - so we have some things in common :)

N E ways, thanks again for sharing your and Sam's experience and please let me know if you have any ideas about where I could find 15 copies of your book in Denver quickly.

Every blessing in Christ,

Kaylene Gerard

Posted: 2005-12-02 14:25:00
Sam in Midway

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Amazon.com should be able to get them to you by then.

Posted: 2005-12-02 16:14:00

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