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Category: Testimonies
Topic: From Perth Western Australia

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Read book and make a big impact on me. The stories about churches not helping were as inspirational to me as the ones where they did help.

"the other jesus guy" really hit home for me. Page 140.

Just the other night God put two homeless people in my path and to cut a long story short, I bought them accomodation at a youth hostel for the night - they said they were ok for tomorrow onwards but not that night. I wonder but still.

I was thinking that I had done a good deed and for an instant thought proud. I thought about letting other people know what I had done. But this thought lasted only an instant. This should be between me & God. It's the quiet deeds that are needed not the deeds only done in publicity.

And I got thinking about “the least I could do”. What does this phrase mean ? One interpretation is that I could have done more but chose not to.

Driving away I was actually saddened on reflection. Right now I don't know what more I could have done – I've got a house wife and two kids but bringing these two home with me would not have been wise. I bought them shelter for a night but what about all the tomorrow's to come ?

How can I be proud of what I did when it's truly such a small act. I gave a man a fish, I didn't teach him how to fish. And what of all the other people out there in need ?

This really got me thinking that we have to take ownership of problems. It's not the government's problem or the church's problem, or that country's problem – it's my problem.

The lady down the street who needs her grass cut – my problem. The mother who needs help babysitting – my problem.

The more I think of this the more I truly understand what being servant-hearted is all about. I think I understand why Mother Teresa did what she did. I understand why early Christians sold all their possessions and made communties. With no boundaries between what is mine and what is ours/God's then there is no fear of giving up what's yours anymore.

Posted: 2005-11-15 02:13:00

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