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Category: Testimonies
Topic: Mike came to my school and I really want to read his book...

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So Mike came to my school today (11/10/05) and normally I don't pay attention to a lot of our speakers because they ramble on and on and never get to the point. But Mike got me involved into his story from the first two words. Homeless People. I mean they weren't the first two words, but I've always been interested in how it was like. So he told the story and I almost wanted to cry. When I was younger, we brought in two children ages 4 and 6 that were living on the streets. And whenever their mom got money, she spent it on beer. They didn't get fed. And my church introduced them to us and we accepted to take them to our home and buy them clothes and feed them and let them do things that kids like to do. Me being an only child, I was jelous of what they were getting. I wasn't the one to like to share. I was only 8 years old. That day we took them to Taco Bell and they only ate half of their taco and folded up the rest. My mom said, "You don't have to save that for later, we will make dinner later." At the time I didn't even understand what was going on. The 4 year old boy, Jeremy, seemed to have a mouth on him. He swore and he stole money from me when I wasn't looking. They were raised wrong, and not only that, they were raised on the streets. Jesse, the girl who was the 6 year old kind of did the same thing. One day we took them swimming and my mom noticed they had lice. I'm thinking, "Oh great, and they sleep in my room." We shaved Jeremy's head so we didn't have to worry about him. But Jesse being a girl, didn't want to shave her head. So my moms friend spent weeks taking the lice out of her hair. We cleaned them up nice and then the mom wanted them back. Everyday they would call my parents asking them to take them back. They were hungry and they had gotten lice again. Every Sunday we picked them up and took them to church and took them to lunch afterwards and unfortunatly had to take them home. After a while, we quit going to church because my parents had to start working on Sundays to pay off bills and keep me in a good educated school. Now in this time and age, they are both grown and live in a foster home and go to a great school. They call us once in a while and Jesse likes to talk to me over the phone for hours. I use to not like those kids when I was little because I was jelous of how my parents treated them. But now that I'm older and understand the meaning of, homeless, I would do anything for them. So Mike comming to talk to us today, really made me remember Jeremy and Jesse.

Posted: 2005-11-10 19:08:00

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