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I have just finished the book! THANKS! Having felt so spoiled with what I have, I look for ways to share the things I can. Earlier in the summer, the church I attend did some outreaches for the homeless and hungry. Things went well, we touched lives, handed out hygiene material and the GOSPEL. But as time went on we/I seemed to have lost focus on the calling. I still believe that is what part if not all my calling is supposed to be. I have seen the people who could help, not. I could do more myself. Like your question asked on page 220. Now, comes the holidays and my own convictions to how I can be THAT christian we are supposed to be. Loving, caring, non-judgemental, open to help without assisting in an addiction. Many of my ideas are still in my thoughts, maybe I should ACT. Thanks once again for your book, and the feelings it has brought back.

Posted: 2005-11-05 08:12:00

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