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Category: Testimonies
Topic: Change of Perspective

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Reading "Under The Overpass" has changed my perspective on the plight of the homeless. While there are definitely people with their hands out for coin for the latest fix, there are legitimately needy people. Immediately after reading the book, I had what I call a "God appointment" with a genuinely homeless and hungry person. At a time when I would normally be working, the Lord opened the door for me to be in place to meet the needs of a needy soul. His name is Paul, and when I approached him, he wasn't begging for money, he simply held up a piece of cardboard stating "Homeless and Hungry". What I first noticed about Paul was the right lens of his glasses were missing with the frame popped open. I had 11 minutes until my bus came along. I bought him a cup of hot chocolate, shared the love of Christ with him. He had slept in a doorway overnight, and didn't know where his next meal would come from. I gave him information on local shelters and street teams that feed the homeless.
When he expressed concerns that he would never be able to afford a new pair of glasses, I offered to help him with that. I will pay for his eye exam and a local optician agreed to give him a temporary repair until he can have his eyes examined and a new pair when the prescription is figured.

In a couple of days, Paul goes for that test and in a week or so will have new glasses. He told me that, from our discussions, he has picked up that I want him to see in more ways than one. I gave him a New Testament which he has ageed to read. Even the temporary lens he has in place has restored his eye-hand coordination. Two days prior he fell flat on his face.

Since his wife committed suicide 10 years ago, Paul told me he has never felt this ecstatic.

I humbly thank God for the opportunity to radiate glory to Himself through me.

P.S. We are now collecting clothes to distribute to the homeless.

Posted: 2005-10-31 08:23:00

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