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Category: Testimonies
Topic: A new tool for me

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Sam in Midway

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My thanks got out to Mike, Sam, the publishers of this book, and everyone else who made its publication possible.

I am the Ministry Coordinator for a homeless ministry in Lexington, KY called Room In The Inn. It is a multi-church initiative directly modeled after Father Charles Strobel's Room In The Inn ministry in Nashville, TN. As coordinator for one of the participating congregations, I get to see the ministry unfold first hand every Thursday evening. The beautiful part is that not only are our homeless guests being ministered to, but so are our church volunteers! In our two years of operation, God has opened the eyes and the hearts of many of our congregation's members to the state of homelessness.

I read Under The Overpass in two evenings and was completely consumed by it. After only a few pages I became excited because it was apparent that I had just found another powerful "tool" to use in my ministry. There are several passages that I have already marked that I plan on reading to our church volunteers as we pray before serving our homeless guests.

My sincere thanks once again go out to all those who made this wonderful book possible.

Sam Conder

Posted: 2005-10-14 11:24:00

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