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Category: Testimonies
Topic: Homeless Conference

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Dear Mike
My name is Tom Daniel, I read your book the first week of August
2005. It was very encouraging and as I am from Phoenix also a little discouraging since your experience here wasn't very uplifting. My wife and I have had a ministry to the homeless for the past 8 years and we found your experiences to be very true. We were also very touched by your interview with "Focus on the Family" . We ordered and distributed 40 cd's of the interview. During the month of July 2005 (and unusualy hot month) the media reported that 31 people died as a result of dehydration & exposure. According to that report 27 were homeless. Some of that number were not homeless however the majority were. As a result of the 2 events God put it on my heart to try to do something to prevent it from happening again. Resulting in our contracting for you to be the Keynote Speaker at a homeless conference on October 22, 2005. As we are a small ministry this is a "David & Golith" situation. Keep us in your prayers. In your comments you indicated that you were connected with the Rescue Missions, we have been teaching at the Phoenix Rescue since 1998.

Posted: 2005-09-26 11:37:00

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