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Category: Testimonies
Topic: God is using this book!

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I purchased this book for myself, but my husband got to it first. One morning, though, I picked it up off the kitchen counter and randomly read a paragraph. It was about a woman who was talking about obeying the Holy Spirit by being giving...and then she proceeded to walk right past the homeless without even looking at them. This was hard to read.

As I was getting ready for the day, I decided "spur of the moment" that I would drive to Columbus, OH (about 100 miles from where we live) to have some documents for a future adoption taken care of. I usually mail these, because I haven't wanted to make the drive.

On the way down, I remembered that there is usually a man standing at the exit with a sign saying he is homeless. I felt God gently prompting me to offer this man something to eat. I really had no idea if he was "legitimate", but decided that God could sort that all out. (And as a side note, panhandlers, too, need the love of a Savior.)

Sure enough, as I pulled off the highway, there was a man with a sign. I am a very quiet person, so this was truly the Holy Spirit, as I yelled across two lanes of traffic to ask if he'd had anything to eat. He seemed appreciative and I said I'd be back in ten minutes. I found a Wendy's, bought a combo meal and a donut and wrote a quick note on a napkin (as my two year old danced around my legs) saying that I wanted him to know I cared about him and that Jesus also loved him, so much that He died for him.

I headed back out down some side streets so that I could come back out on the main road and be on the right side to see this man again. As I was coming back up to that street, I passed another man, walking slowly and pushing a shopping cart with bags of aluminum cans hanging off both sides and what appeared to be his belongings inside the cart. My heart just sank as I wished I had two meals, so that I could also offer him something to eat.

Just then, I looked up at the main road and saw the first man I had encountered walking briskly down the street...he had not even waited for me to come back. This did not bother me a bit (and indeed, God knew this in advance) because I was able to quickly turn back around and head down the alley where I had seen the man with the shopping cart going.

I pulled up beside him and asked if he'd had any lunch. He said no and mumbled that he only had a dollar. I held out the food and drink. He refused to take it at first. He said, "No, that's your lunch. I can't take your food. You didn't get that for me." I insisted and said, "God bless you." He blessed me in return. As I drove away, he was still holding up the food and yelling thanks. I waved, turned the corner, and just lost it, crying.

This may have been a middle-aged black man, slightly hunched over from life, his eyes were yellowed and sad...but in his face there was true beauty. In his face, I

Posted: 2005-09-01 09:37:00

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wow, you will be truly blessed for that! =o)

Posted: 2005-10-04 18:06:00

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