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Category: Testimonies
Topic: Thanks for saying ''YES!''

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I read your book this last weekend and I just wanted to tell you thanks...not only for what you have writen but for allowing God to do His work in your life so that it may be a witness to so many people....so thank you for saying yes!
I started college last fall...and as time went by I saw how my walk was being affected.....I wasn't backsliding....but I was at a standstill. The bad thing was I knew it....sure I have had dry times in my life.....but this time was different....I knew what was doing...(or not doing)...and I didn't....wouldn't do anything about it. I knew I was only hurting myself...but at that point in time I didn't care. Anyway...school ended and things got a little better...but still were very bad. My personal time with the Lord had come to the point where it was more of a routine...not a want of desire....and I was ashamed......but still not ashamed enough.
About two weeks ago....I went with my Youth Leadership group to Portland Oregon (Hayden Island) to aid the Hayden Island Community Church in helping out the local community by means of painting and restoration to mobile homes whos owners could no longer work on them. The opportunity itself softened me...I was finally to the point of repentance...I had finally gotten so tired of doing nothing that I had begun to work on the resoration of my own relationship with Christ.
As days passed we grew close to the pastor, his wife and his mother and father in-law. They are amazing people, they had to be the least vain people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. THis being a new post for them, it amazed me how the community had falled in love with them too. Well....most of the community......the church had the opportunity to become a member of the local home owners society....everyone was happy about it....except for the man in charge. after many months of discusion over the resignation of the church or this man....it came time for the "big meeting".
The meeting fell about half way through our visit...Tom...the pastors father-in-law(who also financed the church and payed for just about everything having to do with the church)..we were meeting at the church with most of the church to pray for this meeting that was taking place just a few blocks away. News came back to us that during the discusion....tom had fallen to the floor. We had lost him due to a stroke.
I had been standing talking to his best friend....his responce was this..."Well, the Lord knows what hes doing here."
It was unlike any responce I had ever heard.....it wasn't said as a tipical Christian saying...such as "Hes in a better place." something we all know is true but only say because we aren't sure what else to say. It stuck with me, needless to say. Over the next few days we finished all the work we had come to do and stayed an extra day to attend the funeral. The family and friends continued to amaze me.......it was SO evident that God w

Posted: 2005-08-25 19:08:00

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