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Category: Testimonies
Topic: Powerful beyond words

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I first heard Mike on focus on the family and then on KSLR Take a stand with Adam mc mannis.

After i head Mike on focuson the family I started searching for the book and it was no where to be found in 3 towns around me. I put the book on order at a local book store and waited. I really was please it was taking so long I was hoping maybe the book was going in for a second printing. I gave one final try to find the book and could not that evening the store i had ordered it from called it was in.

I truly had not expected what happened when i read this book, the journey that it takes you on and the things you learn to look at with in yourself are so strong and powerful, Mike and Sam thank you for your wisdom beyond your years, thank you for pointing out what no one want to see and in more ways then one and thank you for your faith and sharing it with us.

I truley think everyone who professes to be a christian should read this book.

half way through the book i sadi a prayer and asked if i could help one person today.

On my rush way out of the office to pick up my dog at the vet a man walked up to me and asked if i could take him up the road about 20 miles. I drive a truck so I told him to get in the back. I also noticed my boss was not to far behind him in the parking lot. My boss came to my window and scolded me a bit for picking up a strange ( homeless) person and told me to call him when i dropped him off.

I took him up the road stopped at whataburger and bought us both a meal.

I had not remembered my prayer until I was on my way home after leaving him with his meal.

I thanked god for letting me be able to help someone today.

even if one at a time we can make a difference.

thank you for the words of faith, trust and hope and your courage.


Posted: 2005-08-18 11:35:00

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