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Category: Testimonies
Topic: my sister died out there

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God bless Mike and Sam,
and thank God you made it back alive. Literally.
You did it the right way, planned awesomely, and were blessed.
My sister had a kind heart but went about it wrong, as many people have or will, they go in head strong, full of love and/or maybe don't pray or plan, who knows.. and disaster can unfold. Mike and Sam and your team, you are awesome and so many thanks for the words of caution, the guidance and the how to's and what nows, etc. It's just an awesome book! It is even more awesome to see in this book, this forum and millions of other places, what help all of us in our own countries, esp. America has already given the homeless for MANY GENERATIONS, and to see this new generation continue the fight. (You surely better believe you needed more debriefing time after living homeless for so long, just think what worse sins and horrors people go through every day that they never debrief from....debriefing that so many vietnam veterans never got). God bless you, me and the homeless, the house-less, the down-trodden in life. If we do this great work, we need to be wise, and in Christ I know we can be. Many words or phrases in the book really move me and I feel are strategically important. Contentment, is so very important in this life.
Also the point you made Mike when you said that because you have known these homeless people in a real way, that for the rest of your life there would always be that moment of recognition --- between you and that homeless person, a door would always be open, and you liked that.. I can relate. I think the same is true for me, I see my sister there. I always will. But like you also state, the bigger reason for the book is Christ, everyday we have to live Christ, not church, a religion, a name, but LIVE REAL TRUE LOVE. HE will always be there, forever, with the door open as HE has always been, and it is up to us to take action...We need to always be content with all we do have but not content with where we are in Christ. We should forever be striving for a higher goal. God bless you and yours always. Sj
P.S. After buying and reading your book, I am hoping to find use for it in my Research project on homelessness.*-*

Posted: 2005-08-01 02:07:00

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