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I just finished your book. I first heard about it through Focus On The Family's website and heard your interview with Dr. Dobson and I was excited hearing about your experiences and I finally was able to go and get the book.

I live in Jax Beach, Fl where there are so many homeless and needy people. The ages range from teens to maybe 50 or 60, men and women.

There are some really wonderful Christian people here in our town but there are alot who see these people as a problem and want them all to just go away.

I have never lived on the streets before and I commend the two of you for doing what God called you to do. But I have interacted with many different people and became friends with them and it has always been very uplifting and enlightening to my heart. My problems seem so trivial compared to what they go through on a daily basis.

One of my friends was a prostitute. She has aids. She has a mental disorder. She is addicted to crack. She has been found by the police on many different occasions beat up and in need of help. One night they found her tied to the pier and had been stripped of all of her clothing by some guys. Another time some guys picked her up in their car and decided she was to nasty and dirty to have her around so she was thrown out of the car door and drug down the street because her dress was caught in the door. She was bloody from head to toe.

She would only talk to me if she needed money and she saw me driving down the street. She would wave me down everytime. Well one day she was on her way into a church that I just dropped my mom off at. She come running up to the car and asked me for some money because she was hungry. I told her I would buy her something to eat but not give her money. Well she hopped in for the first time ever and we were driving. The closer we came to the places to eat her stories about the money changed. And finally she admitted that she wanted it for drugs. I then asked her if she knew how prescious she is to God and that she was one of his most special daughters. She sobbed and sobbed.

We turned back around and headed for the same church that she started to go into and beg for money like she had done so many times before. I told her to go back there only this time for different reasons. We sat in the car and prayed. I wanted so badly to go in there with her but I felt God was telling me to let her do it. We prayed together and cried together. I saw her only a couple of times after that. This time she had on a very pretty dress and was sitting at a bus stop and was on her way to her new part time job. But I did hear that she ended up in a home or hospital of sorts and getting the help that she so desperately needs. I know Jesus is hugging her and telling her that everything is going to be okay.

I don't know what happened in the church that day but I had a warm and wonderful feeling about it as I sa

Posted: 2005-07-28 22:52:00

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