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Category: Testimonies
Topic: A BIG Thanks from Dallas',' Texas - God is changing my life!

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Mike and Sam - God bless you for your obedience to follow the Lord through this mission. You will never see life the same again and what a heart God has given you to now know the streets and the people there. Praise God!

I have had a heart for the people on the streets for a few years now and God is ever-changing my life and calling me to minister to the folks there. You are so right! They need a friend more than anything...of course they need food, but the loneliness and hurts can only be touched by someone who cares.

You have so encouraged me all the more to seek the Lord's direction in being used by the HIM for service in this area. I remember years ago when I first became a Christian - the first thing I wanted to do was help out at Thanksgiving time by volunteering at a mission. When I arrived the lady there welcomed me at the mission and she told me that I was early and to go talk to the people over there. I assumed she meant the homeless and hungry - afterall they needed a friend the most, right? I got into the best discussion with a man named Ferris. I learned such interesting stories and I could tell he really appreciated my friendship. After a while I noticed all the other Christians gathering together and the lady wondered where I went. She meant for me to gather with the rest of the group, not necessarily with the homeless. I don't knock the others, I've just come to realize God was starting something in my life to have a compassion for the ones others had forgotton. I'm so glad God didn't forget me! I want to show this same love to others.

I could go on and on with so many other stories. Right now God has put me working dowtown Dallas where on my lunch hour I meet many people on the streets. Usually at the library or at the train stations. I praise God for the little ways I get to be apart of HIS work in their lives. Its amazing how I keep running into the same people there and they come up to me and say hello. I appreciate their friendship! Its amazing how God works in so many lives. One guy at the Union Gospel Mission asked me to pray for him to start a business. A month later he comes up to me and shows me his website, email address and how little by little God is putting his marketing business together. Just amazing! He asked me for a favor and I was thinking he needed money for the business or to be a customer - Nope he asked me to bring him a Bible the next time I came to the mission. He now wants to grow in his relationship with the Lord.

Anyway, your book so inspired me I'm taking a group this weekend from my church downtown to pass out hotdogs - Mustard, Ketsup, Onions and of course relish! the works! One of my street friends Chris is going to be the official guide to take us to safe places and where the people are on Saturday.

Thanks again for writing the book!

David Graves

Posted: 2005-07-28 21:48:00

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Hi. Where is the Union Gospel Mission? I live in The Colony and go to church in Richardson. I'm trying to get a ministry started for the homeless at our church. I have a had a heart as you say for a few years now and it keeps getting bigger. I want to do something. Any ideas? Thank you.

Posted: 2007-02-06 16:19:00

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To answer where is Union Gospel in Dallas it's near Dallas City Hall. If you get on Canton St which is around the Farmer's market you'll turn on Park Ave. off of Canton. The Union Gospel is on the corner of Cadiz and Park. I think it's Corsicana Street that dead ends right in front of it. The Stew Pot and the Day Resource Center is in the same area so there are a lot of people that hang out in that area.

My husband and I go downtown every week to help the homeless. Since it's been cold we've been handing out hand warmers to those that are staying on the streets verses in the shelters. It took us a week or two to figure out how to pass out hot chocolate but we've got it down now. We come from an hour away so keeping the water hot was a challenge. Hats, gloves, scarves, anything to help them keep warm is appreciated. We've also been taking cough drops with us. I take about 5 or 6 hundred cough drops out on the streets each week and give everyone about 5 or 6 each. This is a huge help because some of these guys have such bad coughs right now that they almost choke from coughing so much. Another thing to bring is packaged crackers. (their favorite is peanut butter and jelly crackers) you can get them at wal-mart.

The best thing you can do if God is putting this on your heart is pray about it and do what He says. you may think it's crazy at first but just do it. It's best to go as a group and not by yourself. There are a lot of people in Dallas that are homeless and it can be overwhelming at first.

Another place in Dallas is Austin Street Shelter. Just be perpared if you try to take on this task. They let people in at 4:00 and they start lining up around 3:00. There's usually any whrere from 150-300 people lined up waiting to go in so if you decide to go there just have enough stuff for everyone. These guys are really nice once you get to know them. You may want to drive by one day and check it out before deciding to go. It's on Hickory Street off of Corinth.

We've been doing this for almost nine months or so and God has worked in their lives and ours. The most important thing is just treat them like theyre human and not cast aways. A good conversation is a blessing for both of you.

We've started a blog to keep track of what God is doing in our street ministry. It's www.mustardseedministries.blogspot.com if you want to check it out.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Hope you let God lead you to exactly where he wants you to be.

Posted: 2007-02-07 16:04:00

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Thank you for telling me where the two homeless shelters are in Dallas and for the suggestions. I will keep it in my prayers. I enjoyed reading of all you have done and am glad to hear God is working your life and theirs. I will check out the blog too. This coming Sunday I am going to talk to my pastor and see if we can get a group together or talk to some of the churches where I live. I know there a couple that provide street ministry. I will see if my dad can take me by as you suggested. Again, I appreciate your help and offer of continuing that help by answering questions.

Posted: 2007-02-09 22:19:00

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