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Category: Testimonies
Topic: Req'd reading for Bible College

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I'm on vacation from England and before I finished reading the book I knew when I returned home we would have to add this to required reading for a new class we will be starting this College year. My husband and I are on the mission field with our 12 year old daughter in England. Were Directors of a Bible College, and that sounds really impressive to most, but little do people realise that were just ordinary Christians willing to be used in extraordinary ways. When youre walking out your faith in the place called "uncomfortable" you realise just how inadequate your flesh really is to do anything for God. Then God can use you because you know its Him in you and working through you as a piece of conduit. I'm thankful for the extreme faith walk Mike and Sam experienced and have now shared that with us, not many of us are willing to leave our comfort zone, but the rewards are huge if were willing... that's the catch word - willing. There are so many options our there for us if we just try a few we may find a lifetime of purpose. We won't be in England for more than a couple of years but this time is stretching us and were learning how to hang in there in all weather and circumstances. When its time to come home to Colorado we'll be more than ready, and God knows exactly what the next step will be then. I pray if you read this you will pray about stepping out of your comfort zone and try something and be willing to submit to it and learn from it. God Bless, and thanks again Mike and Sam.

Posted: 2005-07-22 00:07:00

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