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Category: Testimonies
Topic: Called to homeless ministry

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I just moved to Bend Oregon one month ago from Cleveland TN. God has called me here speciffically to minister and just be Jesus to the homeless people here. I am just getting things started and I had the amazing opportunity to lead a homeless man to the Lord in Drake Park!

This book was absolutely amazing and was no coincidence that it was placed in my hands at the local Christian bookstore. I will ask for your sincere prayers as I follow Christ as He leads me in this ministry. Right now I mostly feed panhandlers and people in the park.

If anyone is around this area and has a heart to help the homeless please let me know. I'd love to have people with me to do this.

Posted: 2005-07-20 13:11:00

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Jenny, Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ! I am called " the HEBREW HOBO" & have just this year (January) Retired from being a "Railroad Hobo" & "Voice of ONE crying in the Wilderness!" I heard these young men on "James Dodson's" Radio Show as I was going through the Woods up in San Diego, near La Jolla, to remove the rest of my Possessions from my "Camp" by the Railroad Tracks in Sorrento Valley! I was ESTATIC! That a "Main-Line" Christian BROADCASTER would "Touch" this subject! I was Saved & Born again in 1977, off SKID ROW in Okla. City; where I was laying on the Sidewalk, my breeches soaked with urine, drunken on "Green Lizard!" (that is a Street Term for AFTERSHAVE") A Indian Brother, Willie Harjo, (My Dad Died on Death Row in 2003 for Murdering his Mother!) told me "Johnny, your all covered with p--s! Go down to the Sisters and get right!" The Sisters was Ruth Wynne & Betty Adams, who ran the "Jesus House" on Reno Ave. (in 1977 this was still Hard Core Skid Row!) 307 East Reno- in a Dalapidated Building with Pirated Utilities and ONLY ONE Bathroom (NO shower!) for Everyone...BUT I saw MIRACLES through the POWER of the Holy Ghost! My life was RUINED! I could not continue as a Wino! (I was 27 Years old!) Understand...there were OTHER homeless outreached there= the "Rescue Mission" and the "Starvation Army" but; THEY REFUSED to FEED the POOR, if they were Drinking or Drunk! But Sisters at the Jesus House were "Non Profit" Christians, and they did NOT care about filthy OKIE MORALITY or JUDGMENTAL anti-Christ Missions or the (UN)Salvation Army! If the "Little Men" could CRAWL through the Doors they would be FED! If they were too ASHAMED to enter the "House of the Lord" drunken; We Would Carry a Supper out to them! Now, I have rented an Apartment in Tijuana, Mexico; the HATRED & PERSECUTION of the Homeless has Disenheartened me < http://sandiego.indymedia.org/en/2005/04/108472.shtml > is a link to a Article I posted after being ARRESTED from the "Crime" of living in a TENT, & Held in JAIL 4 days! But, I can LIVE in SAFETY (from terroristic Police in AmeriKKKa!) and DO MY MINISTRIAL WORK through the Internet! & I hope to Join myself to a Homeless Outreach Programme here in Old Mexico, if I learn the Language well enough to do some good! The POLITICAL/RELIGIOUS Climate in America PRECLUDES my ZEALOT style of Homeless Outreach....The Entire RELIGIOUS climate is BLASPHEMOUS, inasmuch as they hold 501 (c) 3 Non Profit status, BUT THEY ARE ALL ABOUT MAKING MONEY! I lived as a "Homeless Hobo" earning my money by Playing Guitar & Singing, or else BEGGING by holding a Cardboard Sign!
19:29 And every one that hath forsaken houses, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my name's sake,

Posted: 2005-09-20 02:23:00

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This past year God has shown me the highs and lows of this marvelous life he has given us. The Highs of being in amazing Church services and the lows of being abandoned by some because you stand for your faith. But never the less has he shown me that he loves everyone the same. In my life God has given me a heart for the homeless. Where I live there is this big rally thing called Missions Fest, Mike was the speaker. When the video of Under The Overpass came on, I listened intently wondering what was in store. Some of the stories told broke my heart. When mike came to speak he opened my eyes. It felt as if God was telling me a message. But what really got me was the boy that was at the back of the group, came out and said don't worry I've got you covered made me realize that that's what the love of Christ is all about, its about giving what you have to someone that does not. Later that year God got a hold of me, this time at Rush in the northern part of where I live. There was this speaker that was talking about his journeys with Mother Theresa in Calcutta. He showed a video that broke my heart to pieces. This boy had to be given this shot, he was extremely under fed. This video made me realize what we have is everything compared to these people. That weekend I also did a program that went out to the streets and helped the poor and homeless just by a free lunch and a talk. Many were appreciative and I was glad. God used me that weekend to spread his love. Then about a week ago, I was downtown and once again God showed me (because I had completely ignored him) a girl named Molly, she was homeless, but she looked no older than 12. I wish I had something to give, I did it was the word of God. But alas I was nervous and avoided her. My heart was still and is broken because of her. I then picked up Under The Overpass, after coming across an ad previously about the book. The book has changed me, brought me closer with God and has given me a reason for my being here. I hope that God has been working in everyone that reads it and is going to read it. God bless.

Posted: 2009-06-18 01:16:24

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