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Category: Testimonies
Topic: death of a loved one

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cam's sister

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About a month ago I was notified that my middle brother had died. He was "found in a woods known for transients." As of yet we don't have a cause of death. My brother was an alcoholic. He was an intelligent, gifted man. He had 2 college degrees. He was loved by his family. We all tried to help him-aunts and uncles, brothers and me. We tried but he could not or would not receive the love and help we felt we could offer. So, for the past few yeiars he lived on the streets. He attended a church in Fl and their program for the homeless. To them he was gentle and funny. When he died they did all they could to find his family to notify us. He was a person to them, someone that God loved. Fortunately, Cam became a Christian. This tragedy has changed me. It has changed my cousin, as well. She said every time she bikes by the homeless she thinks "This is a Cameron." They are PEOPLE, hurtin, lost maybe, but they are People made in God's image. I felt great shame in telling my friends where Cam died until God got a hold of my heart and gave me this book to read. Thanks Mike and Sam!!

Posted: 2005-07-13 12:16:00

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