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Ok, so i am reading the book and i love it....obviously! and it has left me feeling convicted about the way i'm living my life. being that im female and not big or tough...or brave at all for that matter, i couldn't make myself homeless as an outreach. however, this book has caused some friends and i to think about a few things and to be bold in our faith as well. we have begun saving money and plan within the next year to get in a car and drive through the country spreading God's Word. If anyone, from anywhere, has any ideas of general things we could do, or specific organizations and outreach programs that could help us, or places we could go or advice or anything....i would LOVE to hear it! God rocks!!!!

Posted: 2005-07-11 00:21:00

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Hey Julie333,

My friend and I did just that. We decided to take two weeks and hit two cities, New Orleans and Atlanta. We honestly didn't do much planning...other than setting our destination and let God work in the midst of that.

My advice of things to do:

Find homeless shelters that you might be able to help with
Make sandwiches and take them (with drinks and such if possible) to homeless people.

Sit down and just have conversations with homeless.

Pray about the trip and that God opens doors and follow His lead. He will do amazing things if you allow Him to, even when you are least expecting it.

Posted: 2005-09-26 11:24:00

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First I'd like to point out that Fear is from the Devil, If God is for you He will protect you, He wount put you in a possion of danger, Just lisen to his voice and move when He says MOVE. May the peace of the Lord rest with you and guide you. If you come thru Ashland Oregon I can show you around, and give you Ideas for Ministry, Please, To all who read... Man doesnt eat on bread allone.... We the homeless need more than another free meal. We need people who wil lisen to us, and help us, not all are drug addicts or alcoholics, some are just hurting for LOVE, Godly Love from someone who cares to stop, lisen, and try to help in a way that moves us forward. And the biggest thing for you, as the body of Christ can do is ask your Church how they react to the homeless man who try's to sleep on Church property? Do they let him/her work for a safe place to sleep or do they call the police to run them off. it effects how the lost view the saving grace of God. I belive Jesus would let any one who was tired sleep in His House!

God Bless Us All!

Posted: 2005-09-28 12:43:00

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Above all listen to God in your prayers and in the voices of the people who you meet along the way.

Concretely, be prepared to help people with the basic necessities. Make sandwiches, bring water, talk to a pizza place to see if you can get basic pizzas for $5 each and bring a dozen or so. Ask at hotels around your home to see if they have blankets and towels that they are getting rid of due to regular change over or from a renovation.

Make notes and write back to your home church - others will get convicted as you have .

Have fun, share Christ, and know that people around the country who you have never even met are praying for you.

Posted: 2007-07-24 15:34:48

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Hi Julie, I can see you posted this a while back, but hope you check at times to see any new ideas.

It is awesome that you listen to God's voice and wanting to reach out and for the responses you have already gotten from others.

I live in Tucson, AZ where we also have a large homeless community, one simple thing my 4 year old and I do to put smiles on their faces is give them bags with a variety of items; chapstick, socks, granola bars, drinks, vinnies, peanuts, you name it. I go through stuff at my house like chips, cereal, candy, crackers and put it in baggies, it's amazing the ideas that God will give us.

I must add this: during Christmas we wrapped socks and chololate candies, made some goodie bags and gave them away to the homeless, I'm choking up just remembering, it made them soooo happy to know someone cared to remember them.

All credit goes to our Lord and Saviour for saving me, changing my heart, making me a new person.

My son is growing up seeing how we need to care for others because God loves them too. There are so many other stories I could tell you, but hope this idea can help for now.

May God Bless you and good luck.


Posted: 2009-07-14 14:57:28

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dont go to missions. missions are horrible places. go to the park and meet the good guys. some of them drink, but they love. they love and are bright souls and dont think of them as any different than yourselves. squat rather than stay at shelters.

Posted: 2009-09-18 15:08:30

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