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Category: Testimonies
Topic: Pray for ministry

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My name is Mike Trenga, I am the associate Pastor of New Beginnings Church here in Western PA. (the Pittsburgh area).
I also am the Director of New Beginnings Fresh Start, which is a transitional housing ministry for homeless men and ex-offenders (most of the time they are one and the same).
This ministry is in its infant stage, we need funding and a lot of it.
What we propose do do is take these men and transition them back into society by providing them with an education, on the job training, personal skills and with housing, all in a Christ centered environment.
you may check us out at www.newbeginningsbaptistchurch.org
and click on the Fresh Start tab.
Please pray that God will supply and provide.
Thank You and God Bless
Pastor Mike Trenga

Posted: 2005-07-07 21:25:00

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