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Category: Testimonies
Topic: Push me over the edge

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Thank's Mike: This book but more insight to helping me work with the homeless. I want my children to be active to serve where God leads. Thanks for sharing your life so openly so I can have may kids see others that do not the norm for Jesus.
More of our family and church see our family as a little strange. We do more as God direct us. That sometimes looks very strange to others, but thats ok. God give each of us something to do and we need to move as the spirit directs. Thanks for explaining that you got counsel before going out on this venture.
I have had several opportunities to speak about your book and help our college students to just start thinking in a larger direction.
My 18 yr. daughter was with her college sunday school teacher and they were at the local bible store looking of a bible study to do this summer. He saw your book on a display and my daughter was able to tell what we had gotten from your book. He also is a general physican and is finishing his training this next year. He has a direction to work in the low income of Charolette N.C. after finishing. Your book could show him how to serve the homeless in his profession.
So for our family we are on a path of mission and we are unable to leave the states at the present time.
So your book comfirmed an area that I can do just every day right where we live here in Modesto, Ca., Thanks again for the view you shared to serve the homeless.
I know it has changed my families view on what we need to do. Also to help others just do the little things.
God bless your live and family. Keep serving the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
Debra for Modesto, Ca.

Posted: 2005-06-13 19:32:00

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