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Category: Testimonies
Topic: A Definite Blessing-- Denver',' CO Homeless

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Two summers ago, my youth group from here in Jonesboro, AR, started participating in a program over in Denver, CO, called Dry Bones (referring to Ezekiel 37).

I wish I had read this book before I went.

Dry Bones starts you out by hiking Bard's Peak in 2 1/2-- easy for some, a life lesson for others. I was one of the latter, having to depend on others for support.

The second half of the week we spent with the homeless in Denver, making friends, handing out sandwiches and pop--usually Mt. Dew (liquid crack to many out there). It was incredible.

I felt called after that; I made some awesome friends with many of the men, women, and teens out there-- some of them still keep in touch.

Our youth group goes every year now. It's very eye-opening... but after reading this book, I know that the kids in our groups need to get even more involved. At the end of the program, we vow to not let it end there, on the streets of Denver... but we all have, when we return. The book will help the teens in our groups understand the needy's lives a little better... in turn helping the ministry of Dry Bones Denver continue even stronger.

Thank you, Mike, for living your faith. I hope it continues to inspire people as it has inspired me.

--Bekah Baugh
Jonesboro, AR

Posted: 2005-06-10 00:28:00

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